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Not long ago, I went to a decoration company for home decoration consulting and encountered the trap of transparent home decoration. Now I record the situation as follows for your reference to avoid being cheated. When I first arrived at this decoration company, I felt pretty good. The young lady who answered the phone was very enthusiastic. She arranged for us to sit down, pour hot tea, and ask my intention in a soft and warm voice, so she invited a young designer to communicate with me. After a brief inquiry about my intention, the designer began his sermon. He said that our company is promoting transparent home decoration, so that owners can consume clearly and put an end to fraud. First of all, our quotation is very transparent. He said that the quotation of home decoration is the most troublesome problem for citizens in the decoration. For the same suite, the quotation of different home decoration companies is very different, some are more than 40000 yuan, some are as high as 70000 yuan, and after the decoration, the settlement price is more different from the originally promised price. Therefore, in the accepted home decoration complaints, the price complaint is the focus. He added that the electronic quotation system used by our company is absolutely transparent, but when I asked him to make a simple quotation for me, he pushed around and said that the decoration materials are different, and the quotation is different; He said that he did not pay, and the decoration quotation was a trade secret; Anyway, I won't show you the quotation. Again and again: our quotation is absolutely transparent. It is an electronic quotation system, which is the same for any owner. Such a transparent quotation really makes people dare not compliment. It seems that if you don't pay the silver, you won't see the quotation. I didn't insist, but then, it made me wonder. The designer then introduced that the home decoration materials we used in the decoration are also very transparent. The decoration materials are environmental friendly home decoration materials uniformly distributed by the company. Specifying the brand, origin, specification and grade can make you very clear and let you really rest assured. But a little familiar with decoration, I asked a relatively professional question: can you give me a detailed list of home decoration materials? The designer got excited and said: absolutely. Take out the material list of their company and list it in detail. What is used for wood, latex paint and paint? But when I asked about the specific quantity and unit price, he would not tell me. He also said that this was a highly professional thing, and you didn't understand it, etc. But I think, if I'm not particularly clear, at least I should have the right to know! Later, it became more and more outrageous to say that the management was transparent, but I didn't see them show the relevant management regulations and quality control forms. When it comes to technology, there are a lot of advanced management concepts, standardized management, etc., which can be implemented to the specific how to do the door and wrap the door pocket, and it's vague and unclear. I really can't listen. I wanted to make my decoration clear, but now I'm confused. It's really laborious and frustrating. If it is described above, I hope it can inspire those who come here, think of it as a lesson from the past, and hope to resonate with everyone, so as to help me give an idea and point out a way




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