The protagonist's TV cabinet in the living room

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Sitting in the living room, one of the most common things is watching TV. TV is the protagonist of household appliances, so the TV cabinet where the TV is placed is the protagonist in the living room furniture. Therefore, the status of TV cabinet cannot be ignored

if there is no TV, life will be less fun. So no matter which family you go to, you can see the existence of TV. Of course, it is also necessary to equip it with a suitable TV cabinet. In the process of pursuing the TV cabinet, people will not only pay attention to the atmosphere and fashion in appearance, but also to the simple and affordable price, but also pursue the most important point, that is, the height and size of the TV cabinet, that is, the practicality of the TV cabinet

maybe many people will find that when watching TV, their neck will be sore. In fact, this is ignoring the height and size of the TV cabinet. If it takes a long time, it will seriously damage their health and cause their own cervical spondylosis. Especially for children, it is more serious, because their bodies are not fully developed, they are still in the growth stage, their bones are not shaped, and long-term neck pain will lead to their unformed cervical deformity, which is not conducive to their healthy growth

originally, I wanted to buy a fashionable and durable TV cabinet to coordinate home decoration, but I didn't expect to buy a TV cabinet by mistake, which not only didn't make the finishing point, but destroyed the original style of home decoration, which was not only depressing, but also annoying

TV cabinet is not only used for placing TV, but also a part of home decoration. In addition to its practicality, the purchase of TV cabinet also needs to consider whether its style is coordinated with the living room. From the design and placement of the TV cabinet, we can see the pattern of the host's home




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