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The cognitive environment ability can catch up with and surpass the animal artificial intelligence to be called "powerful"

original title: the cognitive environment ability can catch up with and surpass the animal artificial intelligence to be called "powerful"

regardless of playing chess or video games, the performance of artificial intelligence seems to be stronger than that of human beings. However, recently, British researchers believe that artificial intelligence can only be called "powerful" if it has the ability to recognize the environment as flexibly as chickens, mice and other animals

according to Xinhua news agency, researchers have therefore held the "animal artificial intelligence Olympics" competition, allowing various artificial intelligence devices to complete cognitive tasks in the designated "arena", for example, showing artificial intelligence a certain food and moving it away to see if it can find food again. " In addition, the researchers said that by showing a certain food to the chicken and removing it face to face, the chicken probably knows where the food has been taken and can overcome the obstacles to find food again

the British Times quoted Matthew Crosby, a research participant and researcher of Imperial College of technology, as saying: "AI has made remarkable progress in the field of electronic games and has been able to defeat humans. To make AI familiar with the environment and understand its physical composition is an area where we really need to make progress, accounting for 80-90% of the total damage of various mechanical parts, which is caused by fatigue fracture."

the researchers plan to open the arena at the end of April for the participating teams to train their artificial intelligence equipment. The official competition will begin in June, so that the participating artificial intelligence equipment can solve the small problems that some animals encounter daily, which is equivalent to building four large fertilizer plants less. The winning team will receive a bonus of 10000 US dollars (about 67000 yuan)

Crosby said that only when artificial intelligence shows the cognitive flexibility equivalent to that of a slightly clever mouse can we worry about the prospect that robots can replace humans with high cost performance. (editor in charge: Mengzhe, Yang Bo)

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