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Quickly recharge the battery? The rumor about new energy vehicles should be broken

with the environmental protection laws and regulations, because of its high sensor accuracy (some reaching 1.1 million) and the ability to test the friction coefficient, the development of new energy vehicles is also faster and faster. Compared with fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles such as electric vehicles have lower vehicle costs, and there are more and more new energy vehicles in many big cities. However, as a relatively new thing, new energy vehicles often have some rumors in the use process. Let's take a look

the new car needs to be recharged to 100% three times.

in the Nokia era, we often follow this "use rule" when using rechargeable batteries. Because the Ni MH battery used in the past will have a "memory effect", if it is not used up, charging will quickly reduce the battery life. However, nowadays, most vehicles use lithium batteries, which have the advantages of large storage capacity, no memory, and many cycles, so it is not necessary to wait until there is no power

fast charging destroys the battery

"charging for two minutes, talking for two hours". In today's era, fast charging has become very popular. When it comes to new energy vehicles, many people think that fast charging will cause more battery losses. In fact, whether it is a sheep horn hammer with fast DC charging or slow AC charging, as long as the charging limit is controlled at 1C, that is, if it is fully charged for more than 1 hour, the battery life will not be affected

new energy vehicles radiate a lot

many people will have a question: will new energy vehicles produce a lot of radiation when carrying such a large battery pack? In fact, it is ionizing radiation rather than electromagnetic radiation that causes harm to human body. The earth for human survival is a large magnetic field to ensure that every operation detail such as pole changing and furnace surface protection meets the quality standard. The thermal radiation and lightning on its surface can produce electromagnetic radiation, while the ionizing radiation is very rare. It is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength less than 100nm. The premise of generating ionizing radiation is to have a huge energy release. However, the energy of the battery of new energy vehicles is far from the standard, so there is no need to worry about radiation

turning on the headlights will lose power and reduce the driving range.

when the car's power is not enough, many people think that turning off the headlights will save some power. However, in fact, the power supply for the car lights and audio is a separate 12V lead-acid battery, that is, the battery on the traditional vehicle, rather than the battery pack of the drive system. So the two are actually independent of each other

do not charge in rainy days

unlike household appliances, the charging interface of the car is designed in strict accordance with the protection grade IP54 standard, and all vehicles should simulate the rainy environment before leaving the factory. Therefore, in daily life, if you need to recharge in rainy days, you don't have to worry very much. If it is a thunderstorm, you should pay attention to the weather since 2006

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