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It is still early to say that water-based paint "covers" paint

it is still early to say that water-based paint "covers" paint

September 3, 2007

in 2006, the sales market share of the national water-based wood paint market was quite low, accounting for only about 7%

[China paint information] since 2007, EU countries have implemented new paint standards, which require that the VOC content of each liter of water-based paint should be less than 100 mg. In China, the VOC content of solvent based paint should be less than 400 mg. The water-based paint with the four characteristics of environmental protection, safety, simplicity and energy saving represents the development direction of the paint. The market pattern of the paint industry will change dramatically. More and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the water-based paint market and invest human and financial resources in the development of water-based technology. The water-based paint seems to have ushered in the spring in 2007. But in fact, due to the bottleneck of production technology, low market awareness, high price and other problems, it may take a long time for water-based wood paint to replace the traditional paint

current situation: the water-based paint market is still in a growth period

more than ten years have passed since Dufang of Germany introduced water-based paint in the Chinese market in 1995. Objectively speaking, the promotion of water-based paint in the Chinese market is not ideal. Not only do you know that there are few consumers of water-based wood paint, but also very few people who have used water-based wood paint. In the past two years, several major brands of water-based paint have been involved successively. Although the advertising and market response are good, they are only in the initial stage

on the surface, water-based wood paint seems to have become a hot word in the paint market, representing the development direction of the future paint market. In fact, the water-based wood paint market is still in a start-up and growth period. It is understood that in 2006, the national water-based wood paint market sales volume was only more than 10000 tons, with a total sales revenue of less than 1billion yuan. Compared with the paint sales revenue of more than 70 billion yuan, its market share is quite low, accounting for only about 7%. Many enterprises are short of production capacity and can produce as much as the market needs

reasons: large initial investment and high technical requirements

for coating enterprises, excessive investment in the production of waterborne wood paint and high technical requirements 3. Do not scratch the surface of the machine with sharp tools are also the main reasons that hinder them from entering the market. LIUZHIGANG, deputy general manager of the marketing department of garberry, said that the technical requirements for the drying time, hardness, plumpness and other properties of water-based paint are relatively high, the manufacturing process is relatively complex, and large-scale production equipment is required to produce relatively stable water-based paint. General enterprises do not have such capital and R & D capacity. After the early industrial investment, many enterprises find that the market return is not obvious, and gradually retreat, Quietly stopped the research and development of water-based paint. It is understood that the leading domestic paint manufacturers have promoted water-based wood paint in 2005 or 2006, but they have also disappeared within half a year. At present, there are more than 20000 paint manufacturers in China, but less than 20 have the ability to produce water-based wood paint

in addition, the market of water-based wood paint started too slowly. Some of them are large-scale coating enterprises that have done well in the traditional paint market and are not willing to vigorously promote water-based wood paint

the product has some insurmountable problems

in addition, the water-based paint itself has some insurmountable problems. LIUZHIGANG said that although after years of research and development, the water-based wood paint produced by garberry and many big brands has broken through many technical difficulties, and has been able to keep pace with the traditional paint in most aspects of performance, there is still a problem of tolerance. The water-based paint not only has strict requirements on plate and climate, but also has high requirements on construction technology, plus the price problem, This makes it difficult to promote the market of waterborne wood paint

the market promotion is still weak

the low social awareness of water-based paint is also an important reason to hinder the development of the market. Many consumers choose to buy paints from water-based paints and ordinary paints. Most consumers judge whether the paint they buy belongs to environmental protection paint through the introduction of the salesperson or whether there are environmental protection signs

in the furniture manufacturing industry, the largest downstream user of wood paint, the application proportion of water-based paint is not high. Although the Pearl River Delta is also one of the largest furniture export bases in the world, and there is a considerable demand for wood coatings, it is learned from a number of enterprises that at present, few Chinese furniture products use water-based coatings products and technologies. The main reason why waterborne wood paint is not popular is that the cost is very high. Due to the lack of understanding of water-based paint in the society, manufacturers must guide and cultivate the market, This requires Professor Martin Dunn, another director of the project (now dean of the school of engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver), to say: "Generally speaking, a large amount of promotion costs are required. According to garberry, the income from its water-based coating business is less than the cost for promotion, which is a certain universality.

Turnaround: a large number of domestic water-based paints have been launched.

The composite water-based paint with high-temperature film will completely replace the traditional pure water-based paint, and a large-scale water-based paint factory will be built in China; Domestic famous paint brands such as garberry and China resources have also joined the competition in the water-based paint market

at the end of last year, Chou Qiming, President of garberry, announced that the production base of water-based Wood Coatings with an annual output of million tons had been officially put into operation. The company reduced the product sales price of water-based paint by more than 30%, which was close to the traditional paint price. It is revealed that garberry is currently negotiating with relevant national authorities to establish "water-based paint standards" and "zero VOC standards", so as to ensure the benign development of the industry with standards and avoid the possible concept war, price war and other vicious competitions that are not conducive to the long-term development of the industry. In addition, it has passed the national appraisal and applied the metal cross-linking technology and molecular film-forming technology to the environmental protection and energy-saving coating of water-based paint products. Hualong Group took the lead in successfully developing and putting it into the market

market promotion has been gradually strengthened

as a large domestic producer of water-based paint, in terms of market promotion and popularization of water-based paint knowledge, garberry has started the "million training project" lasting for three years, inviting environmental protection experts and technicians to conduct a new European style home decoration training for painters, home decoration companies and consumers on wood paint after water-based chain slippage, And provide all-round technical guidance and after-sales service for product construction

yuewangkun, Secretary General of China Coating Industry Association, predicts that in the next 5-8 years, water-based paint will account for more than 50% of the domestic industrial market

trend: water-based paint is expected to replace traditional paint

compared with traditional paint, there is still a gap in the film fullness, hardness, wear resistance and hand feel of water-based wood paint. However, with the continuous breakthrough in the research and development technology of water-based wood paint, the emergence of water-based polyester wood paint has solved the problems existing in the previous water-based wood paint. Waterborne polyester wood paint has the characteristics of no odor, environmental protection, quick drying, high hardness, no yellowing, water resistance, heat resistance, good hand feel, strong adhesion, good tolerance, etc. The traditional oil-based paint is mainly nitrocellulose paint and polyester paint. A large number of organic solvents are added in the dilution process, which will cause harm to human health if they stay indoors for a long time. In addition, the recent continuous rise in crude oil prices has led to an increase in the prices of oil-based paint raw materials, which will inevitably lead to changes in retail prices

according to zhuchuanjie, an expert of China Coating Industry Association, in 2002, the AQSIQ issued the national standards of "limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials and interior wall coatings" and "limit of harmful substances in solvent based wood coatings for interior decoration materials". In 2004, the state implemented compulsory certification for solvent based wood coatings, and in 2005, it will not approve new solvent based paint manufacturers, Solvent based paint will not be used for interior decoration until 2008. Various signs show that water-based paint is expected to replace oil-based paint and become the leading product in the paint market in the near future

water-based paint calls for the introduction of standards

although the water-based paint industry is only a "newborn" in the Chinese market, it is undeniable that the water-based paint market has begun to appear the phenomenon of muddy sand and fish eyes mixing beads. The introduction of water-based paint industry standards is imperative

it is understood that the formulation of the industry standard for waterborne wood coatings, convened and organized by the National Technical Committee for standardization of coatings and pigments, is in full swing. China Resources, Nippon, garberry, Dr. Ba, Dingyuan and other industry giants gathered in Guangzhou at the end of September to participate in the discussion

lizhenbo, general manager of Dibang chemical company, said that the positive competition between water-based paint and oil-based paint will be a long and difficult process. This requires the water-based paint to issue a unified standard as soon as possible while continuously improving its own products

observation: strengthening industry cooperation is the key to the development of water-based paint

it is undeniable that under the guidance of the overall situation and policies, water-based paint has ushered in the spring of its development. However, due to the long-standing and extensive mass base of traditional paint, it will take some time for water-based wood paint to fully enter the minds of consumers, painters and dealers, and the popularization and development of water-based paint will not be completed overnight. This requires enterprises that produce or are interested in producing water-based wood paint to strengthen cooperation in the competition, take advantage of the coordination role of industry associations, jointly increase the publicity and promotion of water-based wood paint, make the image of safety and environmental protection of water-based wood paint deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in technology to jointly solve the bottleneck problem restricting the development of water-based wood paint. What is the reason for water only to better adapt to the needs of the market and constantly adjust and improve according to the market? The road of sexual paint can be widened

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