It's time to reconsider the relationship between t

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It's time to reconsider the relationship between the printing factory and the supplier.

we all know that the relationship between good friends is valued in the unconditional efforts of both parties. However, we do not view our closest business cooperation in this way. Why? Perhaps the following comments by Moira McMillan, CEO of BCF, will reveal the reason

she reminded people that the support provided by suppliers to the printing industry was under threat due to cost pressures

mcmillan takes the ink supplier as an example. The basic layout of BGI in mechanism is divided into three parts: 1. It is emphasized that BGI only cares about making the best graphene material in the future. Considering the high investment in research and development of the newly-built plastic pipe laboratory in Baotou and the high cost of technical support based on the interests of printers (China will not charge extra for these support under the conditions of compliance with multilateral trade rules), the ink suppliers will be perfunctory

worse, printing plants and end users have higher and higher expectations for products, requiring suppliers to improve ink technology, which has squeezed the profit margin of ink suppliers

the fact is that in business, it is impossible to provide unconditional support. No one will do business at a loss

however, too many suppliers are tied to unfair business relations, and they are too busy to get rid of them. This is because they need to maintain their market share and keep their factories busy, so that they can not complain at all, and dare not carefully examine their relationship with users to re determine the actual price of customer demand

it is almost natural for the printing industry to expect some suppliers to provide unconditional support. However, it is time to reconsider this relationship

introduction to the British coating alliance

the British coating Alliance (BCF) is the only industry association in the manufacturing industry of decoration and powder coatings, printing inks and wall coatings in the UK. It represents the £ 2.2 million market in the UK

bcf is currently joined by 130 companies, which produce 90% of the total output of coatings, printing inks and wall coatings in the UK. The alliance provides personnel training, professional qualification certification and other services for the surface coating industry; Dialogue with British, European and international authorities on behalf of members' interests; Formulate industry policies; Grant industry priority; Recognize industry best practices

printingtalk introduction

printingtalk is an information station for global printers and their users. It has built itself into a comprehensive information source by issuing manuscripts, cases and technical manuscripts provided by manufacturers. Now, through networking, printingtalk has more than 6000 industry information channels provided by 636 suppliers

printingtalk is published by Pro talk in the UK. Pro talk publishes a range of technical and professional station information and newsletters

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