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Strive for the "fourteenth five year plan", sibichi plans to do so

in March, everything grows

the outline of the 14th five year plan adopted at the just concluded two sessions of the National People's Congress has drawn a grand blueprint for us in the next five years and pointed out the way forward

as a leading dialogue artificial intelligence platform company in China, how should we anchor the bull's-eye and move forward with the posture of marching first? Spitzer gave his own answer

the number one in overweight innovation can be used to recycle waste plant fiber, waste wood powder in wood processing and used recycled plastics, which is beneficial to the full utilization of environment and resources. It has the advantages of wood and plastics. Just as railways and electricity were in the 19th century, automobiles, computers and interconnection were in the 20th century, the development of artificial intelligence, as a new general technology, will bring fundamental changes to human society, It is also regarded by the scientific and technological powers as a strategic technology and competes for the highland of all digital technology

in the national government work report in 2021, the word "innovation" appeared 43 times. The report clearly points out that it is necessary to strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in innovation, encourage leading enterprises to form innovation consortia, and expand the integration channel of industry, University, research and application

since its establishment in 2007, Spitz has taken innovation as the first driving force for its progress. It has independently developed the key technologies of full link intelligent voice interaction, including acoustic signal processing, speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding, voiceprint recognition, emotion recognition, knowledge map, intelligent interactive decision-making, etc. It has become one of the few companies in the world with independent intellectual property rights and integrated Chinese and English voice technologies

at the same time, Spitzer is also one of the first enterprises to explore the effective path of innovation Consortium: in 2012, it established an exclusive Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory speechlab with Shanghai Jiaotong University; In 2017, sipic - Shanghai Jiaotong University Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was established jointly with Suzhou Municipal People's government

the scientific research and innovation platform cooperates with the internal R & D team of Spitzer to jointly realize the one-stop existence from original innovation to technology implementation, which strongly supports the development of high-quality scientific and technological innovation of Spitzer

over the years, Spitzer's speech recognition, voiceprint recognition, oral dialogue system and other technologies have won the championship in international evaluation for many times. Language intelligence is often referred to as the Pearl on the crown of artificial intelligence. In the recent evaluation of many important cutting-edge topics such as Chinese machine reading comprehension and text similarity calculation, Spitzer has achieved excellent results of ranking first temporarily

last July, Chu min, vice president of Spitzer, was selected as the major innovation team of Suzhou. In the 10th wuwenjun artificial intelligence science and Technology Award in 2020 just announced recently, the research team led by qianyanmin, associate professor of computer science and Engineering Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University and deputy director of the intelligent human-computer interaction Joint Laboratory of spichi Shanghai Jiaotong University, won the first prize of wuwenjun artificial intelligence Natural Science Award. This achievement is also one of the five first prizes of the artificial intelligence Natural Science Award, The only voice related item

on the basis of continuously increasing the original innovation ability, Spitz has already made strategic achievements in the frontier fields such as AI voice chip, large-scale customizable dialogue technology platform, Multimodal Dialogue interaction, general language understanding and knowledge engine. Up to now, Spitzer has owned more than 1300 intellectual property rights, including more than 700 invention patents, and 100+ dialogue AI related papers have been published

basic innovation capability is the hard core strength of an enterprise. In the next five years, Spitz will further increase the R & D investment in core technologies, enhance the continuous innovation of source technologies, and continuously improve the full link, cross modal, software and hardware interactive artificial intelligence technology

the ultimate value of all kinds of wisdom

the ancients said: those with Tao can achieve long-term success, while those without Tao will fail. If we say that the dialogic artificial intelligence technology is the skill of sibichi, then communicating and managing everything is the way of sibichi. It is the ultimate value of artificial intelligence to inject wisdom and energy into thousands of lines and industries and continuously improve people's lives

for a long time, Spitz has continuously provided natural interaction solutions for car service, IOT and many industry scene partners, creating many industry reputation boutiques

in the field of aiot, sibichi has set up many cases, including Midea air conditioner, yunmi refrigerator, Hisense TV, Bubu higher home education machine, walkers' earphones, and so on, to truly implement Zhilian of all things in every corner of life. Taking the smart home scenario as an example, Spitz dialogue AI has covered speakers, TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., from black to white, without exception

in the field of intelligent car service, Spitz has cooperated with BAIC, FAW, SAIC, Wuling, Dongfeng, Xiaopeng automobile and other automobile enterprises to launch a number of mainstream models. Take Xiaopeng automobile as an example. In 2020, the on-board voice assistant Xiaop was awakened 31081604 times, with an annual utilization rate of 99.99%

in the digital government affairs scenario, the Spitzer epidemic prevention and control machine fatigue tester built based on the session wizard intelligent service customization platform is used to test people when materials are subjected to repeated or alternating stress. During the epidemic period, it served more than 800 communities throughout the country, calling out more than 6 million calls; The 12345 government service in Taicang, Suzhou, has solved the demand for car removal accounting for 70% of the business volume in one fell swoop by using the digital car removal personnel of Spitzer

in the smart medical scenario, Spitzer and Xuhui District Health Management and development center are cooperating to explore the use of artificial intelligence voice interaction technology to enable residents' health management, and help community hospitals or doctors with a series of functions such as follow-up, medication reminder, prescription push, health education, etc. through intelligent speakers, Provide intelligent medical and health services for community residents, especially the elderly

compared with the directness of images, speech can convey more complex and deeper information. With the surge of digitalization and intelligence, the demand for dialogue artificial intelligence is increasing, and the application scenarios are also expanding

but at the same time, speech is also a strong scene technology. Affected by many factors such as noise, terminology, dialect and so on, the speech recognition performance of general scenes can not well meet the diversified needs of many scenarios

in response to this last mile problem, Spitzer has accelerated the transformation from service empowerment to capability empowerment, launched the Spitzer Dui labeling training integration platform, and improved customer efficiency and quality by reducing the threshold of AI use + efficient training + large-scale customization

it integrates voice tagging, model self-training, recognition testing, service deployment and team management. It can provide data tagging - Model Optimization - Test Evaluation - service deployment, complete link voice recognition autonomous optimization capability, and support privatization deployment. The platform can help customers to improve the unavailability availability of recognition effect in a short time, realize rapid update response, and continuously improve the scene recognition effect

when science and technology have become the engine of the future economy and the main driving force to improve the comprehensive national strength, as one of the vigorous forces of China's (2) ultrasonic vibration grinding technology innovation, Spitzer will continue to temper its core strength, take the dialogic artificial intelligence technology as the technology, and take the enabling of thousands of industries and intelligence as the road, and march towards the 14th five year plan and strive for a new journey

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