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Jacada, a global call center technology supplier, has entered the Indian market. According to foreign media reports, jacada, a global call center technology supplier aimed at improving customer experience, recently announced to expand its global business and establish local business in India

in terms of equipment, more and more enterprises and government groups in India organize to reform their it and business departments, reduce operating costs, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Jacada's products are an ideal choice for this rapidly growing market. With years of working experience with Indian financial institutions and call center customer service departments, jacada can help local enterprises provide their valuable customers with a customer service experience, while reducing it and training costs and employee turnover

jacada Europe, Middle East Guy Yair, executive vice president, Africa and Asia Pacific, said: "We recognize the role of technology and innovation in promoting economic growth and social development. We are glad to have the opportunity to introduce unique call center technology, which will create an excellent customer service experience for local enterprises in India. Using jacada's products, enterprises can gain a competitive advantage in the market, help them quickly respond to changing business needs, and allow continuous improvement of existing customer service processes."

jacada has more than 20 years of experience. It is a trusted consultant for enterprises, providing end-to-end customer service solutions, and has regional professional services and solution support infrastructure

vivek Anand, India head of jacada, said: "The Indian market is growing at an alarming rate. As local companies begin to implement measures to improve customer service, this is the best time for jacada. We need to participate directly, not just rely on a third party. Jacada will be able to achieve and support its solution through world recognized high-quality services. However, graphene is a representative solution for a new material."

jacada's strategy to enter the market also includes establishing a successful partnership with local service integrators in India to maximize tensile strength and impact strength, especially those materials whose shape is not convenient for hardness test, and expanding its coverage to satisfy most customers, while contributing to the growth of India's IT industry

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