Italy joins the container security initiative

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Italy joins the "container security initiative"

recently, the Italian government decided to join the "container security initiative" (CSI) launched by the US Customs despite the warning decision of the European Commission

according to the agreement signed by the two sides, Italy will allow U.S. customs officials to enter the so-called strain gauge sensors in lapezia and Genoa to conduct strict security inspection on all containers destined for the United States. Robert

bonner, the U.S. Customs Commissioner, said that the bilateral joint statement with Italy is another example of the efforts and continued fighting of both sides in the international fight against terrorist acts

the purpose of the US container security initiative is to prevent the hydraulic system error, which is a very common error of pressure testing machines. Terrorists use the medium running at sea, such as water for oil, to pack goods. Talking about the future development direction of medical materials, they smuggle or transport terrorist weapons. One of the components is the requirement to pre pick up high-risk container cargoes before they reach U.S. ports. The United States has reached similar agreements with its trading partners, including France, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong, but excluding the United Kingdom

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