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That's great. Xuhui has made unexpected gains by using UAVs to patrol the river

in order to timely grasp the water quality of Xuhui River, focus on the goal of the municipal government to eliminate the black and Odorous River, eliminate the inferior class V water, and improve the water quality compliance rate, Xuhui Ecological Environment Bureau recently launched a three-dimensional River patrol measure, that is, using innovative UAV three-dimensional River patrol, supplemented by manual secondary review, to carry out early warning and monitoring on the rivers in the whole region once a week and key rivers three times a week

it is understood that there are 19 rivers in Xuhui district that aim to eliminate inferior class v. this year, it is necessary to consolidate the water quality of 9 assessment sections in the city. To this end, Xuhui District has thoroughly implemented the "river director system", strengthened daily River patrol and supervision of enterprises along the river, and strengthened water quality monitoring and analysis. However, Xuhui District has a complex riverine coastline and a large number of coastal buildings. There are many inaccessible materials. The heavy metal pollution in the materials is seriously excessive and the inspection efficiency is low; Pollution incidents are characterized by strong randomness, short time, hidden incidents and difficulties in obtaining evidence, which make fine management difficult

"The management and protection of rivers and lakes is a complex systematic project. The water body itself is flowing and changing at any time. The water quality problem is manifested in the river, and the reason is often on the shore. Therefore, Xuhui district carries out intensive monitoring and three-dimensional patrol of the river channel. Through the UAV automatic patrol technology, it can have a more perspective, so as to timely, timely and accurately grasp the water quality of rivers and lakes and the surrounding conditions, understand the development trend, and turn passive governance into active monitoring." Introduction by the person in charge of the district ecological environment bureau

by carrying out three-dimensional River patrol through UAV innovation, we have a broader vision and can find River and bank risk sources. For example, during the three-dimensional River patrol, the technicians found three illegal vegetable fields near the Longwu Road Bridge in Chunshen pond through the UAV. The district ecological environment bureau received the problem feedback at the first time and submitted the task list of supervision and rectification to the river head office. After receiving the task list, Huajing town government immediately implemented the rectification

according to the introduction, the research team has developed and applied the innovative "three-dimensional river monitoring technology system". Through the systematic and automatic monitoring of low altitude UAVs, it can quickly obtain the synchronous information of the whole river and the surrounding area within 100 meters without dead corners; In January (3) 2018, the company's operating income was 250 million yuan (2) 70 million yuan. Through professional analysis of images, combined with the water quality monitoring data in the same period, the company accurately assessed the regional water quality change dynamics; Through the long-term monitoring of the whole basin, we can further compare the current situation changes and water quality changes around rivers and lakes, and accurately grasp the source of the problems behind the water quality

"the UAV automatic patrol technology in urban river can quickly obtain the information of no dead corner in the whole basin, and complete the patrol and monitoring of the 5.3km long river and the 100m range on both banks within 30 minutes." According to Dr. qumingzhi, "the visual information of the river and its banks obtained by the three-dimensional patrol monitoring technology can reach a resolution of 2cm, which can identify small oil stains in the river, and even pollutants such as mineral water bottles discarded in the river."

UAV patrols the river with high speed, wide coverage and high frequency. Through image comparison, the water color of the river channel and the risk source of the river bank can be monitored. "The application of this technical system is equivalent to giving a pair of eyes to the river channel and achieving a clear picture of all kinds of problems in the river channel in Xuhui District. After the cooling devices: the molded plastic extruded layer leaves the machine head, the pollution phenomenon has left a complete and clear trace with the accumulation of data." Introduction to the monitoring personnel of the district ecological environment bureau

during a UAV River patrol, the technicians found algae accumulation in the water near panjiaqiao River, and timely warned the river channel of possible eutrophication, "It only takes 20 minutes from the discovery of water pollution to the acquisition of pollution information images, and the source of pollution events can be traced immediately. Within 15 minutes, the state of the whole river can be refreshed, tracked and recorded. However, due to the differences in the range and stability of plastic shrinkage, the development status of key environmental pollution events can be obtained, and the source of pollution problems can be analyzed."

the problem is in the water, and the root is on the shore. UAV patrolling the river also makes it impossible for illegal acts to hide. In March this year, Xuhui District Ecological Environment Bureau found garbage floating in the water body of an area and garbage recycling and processing on the Bank of a river during the UAV River patrol. These abnormal phenomena were found in time. The district ecological environment bureau immediately reported the situation to the District river head office. "At present, the functional departments are carrying out a special investigation on the 'black wharf' along the river. The relevant departments have also strengthened the law enforcement of river patrol, and the illegal acts have been stopped in time."

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