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Yes, with remote and robot in hand, Hexin is a small domestic pride emerging from the "Seven Swords" in Germany.

on the evening of the 22nd German time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mexican President bernia jointly unveiled the 2018 Hannover Industrial Expo. At the opening ceremony, Merkel said that over the past 70 years since its establishment, the Hannover Industrial Expo reflects progress and innovation and reflects the future industrial development trend

this year, HANNOVER MESSE and CeMAT, one of the three largest logistics exhibitions in the world, were jointly held and merged into a super exhibition. On site interpretation of industry 4.0 meets logistics 4.0

Hexin, as the Chinese representative of hall 9, which is the most popular in industrial automation, once again attacked Germany, bringing its independently developed cotrust products and solutions into line with the world. As for our machines, there are really many experimental machines that are tested by

Hexin. They are both hard and soft. They have amazed the Jianghu with their original seven swords of Hexin.

they present the attitude that industrial 4.0 control and connection solution providers should have. They are perfectly in line with the theme connection and cooperation of the conference

Hexin's original first sword remote: mico monitors a domestic production line in real time

2017. By 2018, the remote spanning 10000 kilometers has successfully crossed the experimental stage, making the charm of mico visible and tangible

at the Hexin booth in Hannover, the TV, PC, phone (Android) and pad (IOS) simultaneously use Hexin mico software to remotely and real-time monitor the real-time dynamics of a domestic shell breaking and inserting production line. The production line control system uses Hexin industrial dedicated controller with full servo control to make the positions of wire feeding, peeling, twisting, tin dipping, end breaking and rubber shell piercing accurate and stable. The local end of the domestic factory workshop is shared with the remote end of the German booth, so that visitors can experience better remote operation convenience and feel the stability of the production line using the complete Hexin control system

Hexin's original second sword robot: robot waving the national flag

Hexin sprouting robot booth, showing the robot control platform: integrating PLC control and network control, including digital intelligent main controller cth300 PLC with servo drive, digital intelligent teaching box, remote intelligent i/o module and PC remote control software mico. Users can not only use each function module independently, but also integrate various complex automatic controls. This platform system is not only used for the steering robot in the booth, but also for the complex cooperative robot

Hexin's original third sword field bus: field bus with rich applications

Hexin technology provides field bus i/o schemes with a variety of communication protocols, including PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet, CANopen, etc., allowing a wide variety of expansion modules, supporting redundancy, and flexible point configuration

Hexin's original fourth sword EtherCAT: an accurate operation control scheme

a circular dynamic turntable made of three 15.20 turn triangular chains (Hexin's registered graphic trademark), which is driven by H-series absolute value servo, cooperates with cth300-c motion control CPU, connects powerful motion control algorithms through CoDeSys axis, and configures Hexin 2018's newly released HMI tp10i that can be connected to WiFi for human-computer interaction, It perfectly demonstrates EtherCAT's accurate operation control scheme

Hexin's original fifth sword Ethernet product line: better connection of Ethernet product lines

the Ethernet product lines generated by Hexin transportation industry 4.0 include PLC (cth200cth300), related modules (cp6453) and copanel HMI (TP series tp-i Series). The control system composed of these different devices can support wifi/Ethernet and RS485 communication, and the data can be connected to the Internet through 3g4g local area, wireless and other means, Thus, the guidance provides for the processing and application of industrial big data

Hexin's original sixth sword software: magicworks plc//hmi (including SCADA) with Hexin's independent intellectual property rights

Hexin's original seventh sword smart factory: smart factory

Hexin: five basic product lines, both hardware and software

hold the remote and robot, connect and control the two lines simultaneously

the more free and innovative Hexin seven swords have been created

the seven swords go down to the Tianshan mountains without retreat. They are home-made and ready to return home with honors

the exhibition of fluoroplastic matrix nanocomposites with unique isolation network structure has been opened. The gifts have been prepared. The exhibition lasts for 5 days. Let's talk about a34

in hall 9

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