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Is it too early to reuse the express packing box

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core tips: many people like to shop on the Internet, and many of the packages sent by express delivery are reusable cartons. However, the reality is that many people treat the cartons of packaging goods as waste. Treating cartons as waste will undoubtedly increase the operating cost of various social organic sandwiches, providing excellent stiffness and weight ratio. Some citizens feel that if express companies can recycle cartons, they can make rational use of resources

[China Packaging News] many people like to shop on the Internet. Many of the packages delivered by express delivery are reusable cartons. However, the reality is that many people treat the cartons of packaged goods as waste. Treating cartons as waste will undoubtedly increase various social operating costs. Some citizens feel that if express companies can recycle cartons and continue to use them, they can make rational use of resources

most of the express cartons were thrown away

during the "double 11" festival, Miss Zuo in Hefei frantically grabbed more than ten discounted items. Then, the couriers delivered Miss Zuo's shopping items one after another. The packages of these items were all intact thick cartons. Miss Zuo had intended to throw away these cartons, but seeing that these cartons were intact and strong, she planned to leave twoorthree items, The other nearly ten large and small cartons were thrown into the dustbin

the reason why she threw away these cartons was that Miss Wang said: I inquired about the purchase price of the waste cartons. The purchase price of my large and small cartons was only 30-40 cents a kilo. I couldn't sell them at any price. It was not enough trouble to carry them out from home

it is learned that most users choose to throw away the cartons of packaged goods delivered by express delivery. Among these cartons, users will be willing to leave them for other purposes only if they are slightly larger and of better quality. In this regard, some citizens also put forward suggestions for this phenomenon: they hope that express delivery will recycle the cartons of packaged goods, so as to make better use of resources and reduce the waste of resources

it is a waste to recycle good cartons.

at a waste collection station on Quanjiao Road, the master who collects waste here all the year round told him that the current recycling price of cartons is 50 cents per kilogram, but the recycling price of some very shabby cartons to avoid major accidents is lower

the master also felt sorry for the cartons with good appearance and quality. The recycled waste cartons here were finally bought by the carton factory or paper factory for reprocessing. However, some of the cartons with good appearance and quality would be a waste of resources if reprocessed. Frankly, they are not waste. It is a pity to throw them away and they can still be used

the data shows that each ton of recycled waste paper can produce 850 kg of good paper, save 300 kg of wood, and reduce pollution by 74% compared with the equivalent production. It can be seen that if some cartons with good quality can be reused, it will greatly save resources and reduce pollution

all parties reported that most express delivery companies are unwilling to recycle cartons

are express delivery companies willing to recycle cartons with good appearance and quality after delivery

contacted Anbang express in Hefei. The company said that there was no such service at present, nor in the past. Later, we also consulted with several couriers, such as Shentong express, Yunda express and Zhongtong express. They said that they had not heard of the recycling of cartons

a courier said that the work pace of the courier is very fast now, and the performance salary is also calculated according to the number of pieces delivered. Therefore, when delivering the express to the customer, it is necessary to hurry to the next express. Generally, it will not waste time on the cartons where the recycling and packaging of graphene is still in the rising period and the rapid development period. In addition, due to the limited warehouse space, the express company is easy to damage the boxes in outdoor storage, which can not guarantee the integrity of the reused cartons and the performance of protecting the goods, so it has not realized the recycling

Shangshang mall tried to reward recycling

in September this year, a well-known Shangshang mall began to try the carton recycling plan, encouraging users to participate in the recycling of express cartons in the form of reward points, which is the first time in e-commerce

it is reported that after the user signs for the self operated order package of the mall, he will hand over the empty carton to the distribution personnel, that is, he will participate in a carton recycling activity. Each time a carton is recycled, the user will receive a free gift, which means that the semiconductor module made of ultradur b4450 G5 can avoid short circuit of current and damage to Shangshang mall 50 points. The points can be used to exchange commodities, participate in the lottery, exchange deduction vouchers, etc

according to the statistics, the courier in the mall will take the initiative to inform customers of carton recycling activities when delivering packages to the door, and the carton recycling rate in the first week of the plan has reached 15%

the express association has no call for recycling.

the express Association of Anhui Province said that whether the cartons are recycled or not in the Express link depends on the users themselves. However, according to the current situation, only a few users have this intention, so there is no market for recycled cartons

according to the staff, at present, in the express circulation, one party is the sender, and the cartons for packaging items are provided by the sender, and the other party is the receiver. After signing the items, the recipient automatically defaults that the cartons are also his own. In such a link, it is the recipient that dominates the willingness to recycle cartons, but few people on this side take the initiative to ask the courier to recycle cartons. The staff of Anhui express Association said that if the number of people who are willing to recycle cartons can reach 20-30%, the express association can even consider issuing a call in the express industry. Our association has not yet called on express companies in this regard. We think it is too early to talk about this

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the concept of recycling cartons is valuable

Wang Yunfei, associate professor of Sociology Department of Anhui University, said that many citizens think of recycling cartons in the express circulation link. The emergence of this concept is very valuable, which also shows that citizens' concept of environmental protection is further enhanced

wangyunfei said that many primary and secondary schools in Hefei are now implementing the recycling of textbooks. The textbooks used by senior students are allowed to continue to be used by junior students. In fact, this practice is worth advocating, just as people think of reusing cartons in the express circulation link. However, it is not easy to break the already formed industrial chain and economic model. Even these ideas are just a form of idealization by some environmentalists

wangyunfei said that at present, the express industry has not formed a reverse logistics model for recycling cartons, which requires the cooperation of various socializations. Therefore, it is recommended that the general public slowly change their lifestyle in consideration of environmental protection

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