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Heilongjiang: 20billion yuan will be invested in transportation construction this year

Heilongjiang: 20billion yuan will be invested in transportation construction this year

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the author learned from the 2017 provincial transportation work conference held on the 19th that last year, the annual construction goal of Heilongjiang transportation was that the internal materials of the cold and hot impact test machine were made of high-grade stainless steel, which was overfulfilled, and the effect of improving the weakness and stabilizing the growth was remarkable. The total investment in the construction of highway and waterway transportation in the province was 20.21 billion yuan, an increase of 27% over the previous year. This year, 20billion yuan was invested in the construction of highway and waterway transportation in the province, and 364 kilometers of expressways were built

according to reports, last year, 22 new 805 km national and provincial highway projects from Changting to Shuangfeng (Xuexiang) were started in Heilongjiang; Continue to build Beian Fuyu, Baoquan Lanxi and other key projects; 329 kilometers of 15 class I and class II highways including Mulan Songhua River Bridge; 4818 kilometers of rural roads were handed over, achieving 120% of the annual target of 4000 kilometers. Complete the reconstruction of level crossings in an all-round way. Five comprehensive passenger and freight hubs, six municipal passenger stations, 15 county-level passenger and freight stations, 29 Township passenger integrated service stations and 980 village level stops have been built, and the layout of transportation stations in the province has been improved. A total investment of 120million yuan was made in the construction of water transportation, and 9 navigation mark workboats were built. Seven projects have been included in the national PPP project library, and four projects have received the preliminary work fee from the central budget. The preliminary preparations for PPP projects have been basically completed at the Jiamusi crossing section of Heda expressway. The preliminary work of 30 national and provincial highway projects in 2017 has been completed, and 2018 projects such as 1% to 5% have been launched; Then go ahead

the construction of Heihe bridge has created history and made breakthroughs in cross-border interconnection. We should give full play to the role of transportation in ensuring the service of the "Longjiang Silk Road belt" and spare no efforts to promote the construction of highway bridges in the "three bridges and one island". Accelerate the preliminary work of Dongning Luogu River Bridge. Vigorously accelerate the construction of dan'a highway along the border. In 2016, 408 kilometers of six projects have been continued and started, and the preliminary work of other projects has been fully started. The mineral transportation lines at Raohe port and grain transportation lines at Hulin port have been opened, and the number of international passenger and cargo transportation lines in the province has reached 67. Last year, 928 kilometers of national and provincial roads in poverty-stricken areas were reconstructed, 2561 kilometers of rural roads were built, 273 villages were newly built through hardened roads, and 5.93 billion yuan of investment was completed, achieving a good start in the work of traffic poverty alleviation

this year, the provincial highway and waterway transportation construction plan will invest 20 billion yuan and raise the description pen by 0 billion yuan, build 364 kilometers of highways, and hand over 162 kilometers of bei'an-fuyu highways by the end of the year; 2278 kilometers of class I and class II roads of ordinary national and provincial roads will be built, and 469 kilometers of class I and class II roads from Baoquan to Lanxi and from Changting to Shuangfeng will be handed over at the end of the year. 6000 kilometers of rural roads were built and 4000 kilometers of rural roads were handed over. Once again, we will dress up for exhibition, implement the reconstruction of 450 kilometers of county and township roads, and improve the service level of rural roads in major grain producing areas such as the "two Plains". This year, the Xuexiang Changting highway will be handed over, and the completed Yabuli Xuexiang and Mudanjiang Hailin highways will form the Yabuli Xuexiang Jingbo lake tourism ring road. At the same time, it is necessary to build 7 passenger and freight hubs, 21 highway passenger stations, and implement 81 rural passenger transport integrated service stations and 100 stops. Five waterway regulation and boundary river ship construction projects were implemented

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