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Heilongjiang Province vigorously promotes the new technology of agricultural mechanization

recently, from the Heilongjiang Agricultural Mechanization Administration Bureau, the computer tensile testing machine is mainly used for stretching, tightening, twisting, shearing, tearing, peeling, and other industries such as wire, metal foil, plastic film, electricity, which need to be restarted or reset parameters, such as color, high-speed cable, adhesive, wood-based panel, wire and cable, waterproof materials, etc It was learned from the mechanical property experiment of circulation and other ways that Heilongjiang Province plans to vigorously train all kinds of agricultural machinery personnel this year, popularize and popularize the new technology of agricultural mechanization, build a team of new agricultural machinery talents, and help farmers ensure efficiency and increase income

popularize and popularize new technologies of agricultural mechanization

in mid March, I visited the agricultural materials markets in Bayan, Mulan, Tonghe and other places and found that the corn seeds that were popular in previous years could not be sold this year. Seed dealers said, "at this time, the sales of corn seeds are less than half that of previous years."

farmers who grow dry fields are even more upset: "last year, the market purchase price of corn was like a roller coaster, and the big corn that guaranteed to make money became a risky commodity. What to grow this year? Corn, soybeans or red beans, it's really hard to choose." Spring sowing is imminent, and there are not a few farmers who swing and wait

farmers who grow paddy fields are also worried: "our farmers have to reduce chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. How can we reduce the amount without reducing the effect?"

farmers are thinking about the truth. The minimum purchase price of corn from the three northeast provinces and Inner Mongolia became a direct subsidy to farmers last year. Now the corn price has basically been in line with international standards, with an astonishing decline. The implementation opinions on further promoting the "three reductions" action in Agriculture issued by our province requires further promoting the "three reductions" action of reducing chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and chemical herbicides in agriculture, and clearly puts forward that by 2020, the average application amount of chemical fertilizers per mu in the province should be reduced by more than 10%; The utilization rate of chemical fertilizer should be increased by 6.7%; The utilization rate of pesticides was increased by 9%; The use of herbicides decreased by more than 14000 tons, a decrease of 20%

how can we ensure that farmers' land farming benefits in our province do not decrease, and even increase steadily? Our province has issued six key measures, including promoting soil testing and formula fertilization technology, encouraging social capital to invest in the construction of organic fertilizer treatment plants, building centralized dispensing service stations, and comprehensively improving the monitoring and early warning capacity of major diseases and pests

vigorously promoting new agricultural mechanization technology is an important part of the six measures. Only by popularizing these new technologies can we ensure that the benefits of farmers' land cultivation remain unabated. New technology needs to be popularized by people who understand technology. However, there are few agricultural mechanization managers, lack of agricultural mechanization technicians, and insufficient agricultural machinery operators who are proficient in new equipment, which has become the bottleneck of popularizing new agricultural mechanization technology

carry out various forms of training activities

agricultural machinery technology to ensure efficiency and increase income for farmers has long been ready

there are technologies such as conservation tillage, straw returning to the field, mechanized dense planting of corn and soybeans, facility agriculture, mechanization of the whole production process, mechanization of vegetables, harvesting of fresh corn, grain drying and storage

the key points of paddy field are rice machine inserted side deep fertilization, autumn burying, high stubble stirring, leveling, efficient plant protection, drying and other technologies

who will learn these technologies? How to learn

the answer is that leaders of agricultural machinery management departments at all levels take the lead in learning. Guided by the spirit of the 2017 provincial Party committee rural work conference, the provincial agricultural machinery management system focuses on the adjustment of planting industry, the three reductions in agriculture, the operation and use of new agricultural machinery and the training of practical new technologies for agricultural mechanization, highlights the pertinence, applicability and timeliness of the training content, optimizes the education and training team, improves the quality of education and training, enhances the ability and quality of agricultural mechanization talents, and cultivates agricultural mechanization management talents as soon as possible Scientific and technological talents and practical talents to promote the in-depth development of agricultural mechanization education and training in our province

staff of provincial agricultural machinery management department, directors, business directors, business section (unit) heads and administrative law enforcement personnel of municipal (prefecture), county (city, district) agricultural machinery bureaus, agricultural machinery promotion at all levels, agricultural machinery schools (agricultural machinery driving schools) and agricultural machinery supervisors; Township (town) agricultural machinery technicians, technical workers in agricultural machinery sales and maintenance industry, agricultural machinery operation organizations, business backbones of large agricultural machinery enterprises, agricultural machinery driving operators, farmers who buy new machines, managers, financial personnel and technicians of Modern Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, all of them should participate in learning and training

build a talent team for modern new agricultural machinery

this year, the competent agricultural mechanization departments at all levels in our province took the action of carrying out agricultural mechanization education and training as an important measure to do practical and good things for farmers, which was included in the important work agenda and implemented the work tasks

the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of the provincial agricultural committee established the 2017 agricultural mechanization education and training leading group, which is composed of leaders from the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of the provincial agricultural committee, the provincial agricultural machinery technology promotion station, and the provincial agricultural machinery safety supervision station. The office is located in the science and Technology Education Quality Department of the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of the Provincial Agricultural Commission. The competent agricultural machinery departments of all cities (prefectures), counties (cities, districts) will establish corresponding organizations to strengthen management, coordination and supervision

the provincial agricultural machinery bureau is responsible for the training of the staff of the provincial agricultural machinery management department, the directors of the agricultural machinery bureaus of cities (prefectures), counties (cities, districts) and the backbone teachers of agricultural machinery education and training institutions

agricultural machinery management departments at all levels in our province will conduct training by means of theoretical lectures, discussion, special training, on-site demonstration, etc. according to different objects and majors

immediately, the eastern spring came with green eyes. The staff of the agricultural machinery front in our province have been rushing to help farmers ensure efficiency and increase income. The Agricultural Machinery Management Department of our province, which closely combines the actual situation of agricultural production and agricultural mechanization development, highlights its characteristics, focuses on external organization, innovative measures, and pays attention to practical results, will accelerate the training of modern new agricultural machinery talents who can operate and maintain, understand agricultural machinery and agronomy, and be able to operate and manage for our province

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