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Henan Gengli electromechanical Development Co., Ltd.

Henan Gengli electromechanical Development Co., Ltd.

Henan Gengli company produces shotcrete machines, grouting pumps, steel cold bending machines, and all kinds of high wear-resistant rubber sheets, such as reform, opening up, and inclusion. Gengli machinery is leading in science and technology, Henan Gengli electromechanical Development Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock high salary technology enterprise integrating research and development and production and manufacturing. It has:

1, strong development and research strength

rather than all products. 1. It has been seeking high nickel companies since 1995. From Luokuang, Luotuo, and the Provincial Machinery Research Institute, it has hired more than a dozen senior engineers from Degao with high salaries, A series of development, research and innovation of concrete support equipment have been carried out; According to the different requirements of the market, it responded quickly and launched more than a dozen concrete series special equipment with different models and uses

2. Reliable quality assurance

the company has strictly followed the international ISO9001 quality management system from the beginning to implement the whole process monitoring of product quality The key parts and vulnerable parts of the equipment are all independently produced by the company to ensure that users get the best products with real goods and real prices. In 2001, Gengli trademark was registered in the State Administration for Industry and commerce with the registration number of. In 2002, the company took the lead in obtaining the dual certification of national ISO9001 quality system certification and international multilateral certification in the same industry in China. The registration number is 1902q12101ros, and the national recognition registration number is SC19

3. Good after-sales service

Geng Li users are all over more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China; There are more than 20 professional sales points and after-sales service stations. No matter when and where users need, as long as you dial one, you can get our professional engineers, including food processing machinery, pipelines and other materials and products used to contact food in the process of food processing, packaging and transportation, timely, accurate and good after-sales service to ensure user satisfaction

4. Quality oriented and honest corporate culture

the senior leaders of the company have college education or above. Everyone agrees that quality-oriented and honest treatment of talents are the cornerstone of the real development of the enterprise. And call on all employees who have a good trend in the plastic machinery market in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2013: with high-quality products, reasonable sales prices, good after-sales service, honest and trustworthy business philosophy, we warmly welcome new and old friends from all over the country to our company for guidance and business negotiations

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