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Henan Publishing Bureau carried out five special inspections on the printing industry. From December 5 to 17, Henan Publishing Bureau carried out a special inspection on the implementation of the five systems of verification, registration, storage, delivery and destruction of defective products of publication printing and reproduction enterprises in 18 cities under the jurisdiction of the province

this inspection adopts the combination of the Provincial Bureau Inspection and the main inspection of the provincial municipal bureau, and the combination of key spot checks and comprehensive census. 5 The seller's service attitude is obviously different, and the method of combining enterprise self-examination with organizational inspection is to require enterprises to establish, improve and perfect the five systems of printing; Second, promote enterprises to improve their awareness of learning laws and regulations related to printing and reproduction management; Third, promote the standardization and institutionalization of enterprise management; Fourth, strengthen market supervision and standardize the business behavior of enterprises; Fifth, promote the management departments at all levels to further change their functions, strengthen daily supervision, innovate supervision means and improve supervision level

from December 5 to 10, the publishing administration departments of cities under the jurisdiction of Henan Province went deep into the publication printing and reproduction enterprises under their jurisdiction, organized the study of relevant laws and regulations on the management of the printing and reproduction industry, organized the enterprises to seriously carry out self-examination and self correction, and wrote self-examination reports. On the basis of self-examination, we formulated action measures and determined the key inspection. We added some LDPE and Poe to increase the compatibility of the two components, and conducted a general survey of all publication printing and reproduction enterprises in the jurisdiction

from December 10 to 15, the printing industry management office of the Provincial Bureau organized three inspection teams to Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Xuchang, Xinxiang, Luoyang and other cities to conduct spot checks on the publication printing and reproduction enterprises in the province, check the printing products on the spot, check the printing power of attorney, and check the implementation of the five systems. At the same time, the provincial municipal bureau also conducted a wide range of inspections on the publication printing and reproduction enterprises in the counties (cities) and districts under its jurisdiction. According to statistics, the province dispatched more than 900 law enforcement personnel, 300 vehicles and 470 printing and reproduction enterprises for this special inspection

Li Yunsheng, the director of the printing department of Henan Provincial Printing Bureau, which has been available for more than 100000 times, told that the inspection was good, and the vast majority of printing enterprises were able to seriously implement the system and standardize their operations. However, it was also found that some printing enterprises did not pay attention to the system construction, and did not take the printing of printed materials, the verification and custody of power of attorney seriously, not standardized, and even printed in violation of regulations. On the 14th, the Provincial Bureau held a meeting to report the inspection, seriously criticized the problems found and set a deadline for rectification

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