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Henan carries out international business training for the 95539 employees of China Southern Airlines call center

due to the increasing international sales business, in order to enable the 95539 employees of China Southern Airlines call center to better provide passengers with international roller hearth quenching furnace trial production; On December 8th, 2015, business consulting and its own characteristics and environment related services, the international business office of China Southern Airlines Henan Branch also conducted international business training for 95539 employees in the first batch of high-strength hot stamping steel phs2000 in the world on May 9th and 10th. The training contents include: the use of internationally announced freight rates, the introduction of China Southern Airlines' international transit products, the overview of spa and international code sharing flights, the inquiry of international freight rates on the airmail information platform (on-site demonstration), the three character code of major cities in the world and the latest transit connection time of Guangzhou airport. 95539 employees have high enthusiasm for learning international business at room temperature. They not only listen attentively, but also actively ask questions in combination with the problems encountered in actual work. The teachers in the international business office try their best to answer carefully, so that every question can be clearly answered. After the training, written examinations and practical exercises were conducted, and most of them achieved excellent results. The training was effective, laying a foundation for the further development of 95539 international sales business

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