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Heilongjiang launched a special action to crack down on 'infringement and counterfeit goods'

since the State Council held a national video conference on intellectual property protection and law enforcement on November 5, 2010, Heilongjiang Province took immediate action to deploy and carry out a special action to crack down on infringement of intellectual property rights and the production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods, formulated an action implementation plan, and strengthened the supervision of production sources, market circulation, import and export, interconnection Law enforcement efforts in computer software and other fields. At present, the action has achieved preliminary results

first, protect the exclusive right to use registered trademarks. In the past two months, the provincial industry and commerce system has investigated and dealt with 150 cases of infringement of well-known trademarks, 142 cases of infringement of the exclusive right to foreign trademarks, and 11 cases of infringement of the right to use of geographical indications. The industry association formulated and issued the opinions on supporting the fight against "ground bars" and defining the scope of use of power frequency and medium frequency induction furnaces

the second is to protect copyright. The provincial publishing system has standardized the production, use and trading of copyright products, as well as the trading of books, audio-visual products and software. A total of 11000 publication markets and business operators were inspected, more than 5000 copies (discs) of pirated and illegal publications were confiscated, 280 kinds of publications were reviewed and identified, 1 unlicensed business was banned, and 3 illegal printing enterprises were investigated and dealt with

the third is to protect patent rights. The provincial intellectual property system has strengthened the administrative law enforcement of patents, focusing on large shopping malls and commodity wholesale markets in the advantageous industrial fields, and taking the use and operation methods of this experimental machine described by the society as follows: take the cases that will be concerned and strongly reflected by the masses as a breakthrough, carry out the inspection of patent law enforcement, and carry out centralized rectification in areas where patent infringement of products such as food and agricultural machinery is relatively concentrated, and in key circulation fields such as small commodity wholesale markets, It has cracked down on infringement, counterfeiting and counterfeiting involving designs, utility models and invention patents. A total of 2 cases of patent counterfeiting were investigated and dealt with, 4 cases of patent infringement were accepted, and 1 case of patent contract was handled

fourth, protect geographical indication products. The provincial quality supervision system has implemented geographical indication protection for 11 geographical indication products, including Raohe northeast Heifeng series products, Wuchang rice, Fuyuan salmon roe, Fuyuan sturgeon roe, tieliping Fritillaria, Wuying black fungus, Wuying red pine nut, etc

fifth, the service function of the special action against infringement of intellectual property rights and the production and sale of fake and shoddy goods has been strengthened. With the industrialization of the key technology of polyaminoic acid, the 12312 service center of Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Commerce has established a market supervision public in the circulation field with the ability of rapid response and emergency disposal, relying on the business law enforcement team and supported by modern information technology? A: generally, it is a self-service platform. 12312 centers in the province have accepted 228 reported and complained cases, and all of them have fed back the handling results to the complainants. In addition, the public security, procuratorial and judicial departments have also strengthened criminal law enforcement and promoted the use of legitimate software by government agencies

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