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Heilongjiang Provincial Forestry and grassland bureau protects green waters and mountains with the strictest ecological protection system. 50% of carbon dioxide and a little non methane organic compounds on the release date: Source: Heilongjiang

learned from Heilongjiang Provincial Forestry and grassland bureau that it is in line with the requirements of the government work report "implementing major projects of important ecosystem protection and restoration, and promoting the construction of ecological civilization", This year, Heilongjiang Province will implement a large-scale land greening action, which will not only carry out ecological projects such as the fundamental transformation of plastic granulator technology and the precise improvement of forest quality, but also implement the strictest ecological protection system, maintain a high-pressure situation against the illegal and criminal acts of destroying forests and all machines can not operate normally, grassland and wet land resources, protect the green waters and mountains of Longjiang, and build an ecological foundation for the sustained, stable and increased production of grain in Longjiang

according to the meteorological satellite remote sensing data of the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the ecological quality of vegetation in Heilongjiang province continued to improve from 2000 to 2019, and the quality in 2019 was 13.9% higher than the average value in recent 20 years, which was the best in recent 20 years. Forest area, forest volume and forest coverage have achieved three increases, vegetation ecology has improved, and farmland production capacity has increased significantly

our province has 21.47 million hectares of forests, 2.071 million hectares of grassland and 5.56 million hectares of wetlands. Over the years, through the implementation of key ecological protection and restoration projects such as the three North Shelterbelt, natural forest protection, returning farmland to forests, and national reserve forests, the forest coverage rate of the province has reached 47.23%, and the comprehensive grassland vegetation coverage has reached 82.5%. Ecological protection and restoration projects have effectively curbed the expansion trend of land desertification. The shelter forest system has initially taken shape, and more than 80% of the farmland in the province has been sheltered, effectively promoting crop production. The total area of land lost due to water and soil flow effectively controlled in the province is 21.8925 million mu. On the basis of continuously promoting various ecological protection and restoration projects, Heilongjiang Province has also organized special actions such as "green sanitation 2019", forest resources supervision and illegal villa clearance, and severely cracked down on illegal destruction of forests, grasslands, wetlands and so on. In 2020, as a problem to interpret the change of resources in each floor of the forest in the province, with 300 joints of the same type as a batch, the number of patches decreased by more than 12000, or 57%, compared with 2019

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