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Tips on maintenance, packaging and transportation of the vibrating table

the surface of the metal coating is cleaned regularly with clear oil, and the screw and gear strip are lubricated regularly, which can play a role in protection and maintenance, and prolong the service life of the equipment

the rotating speed should be adjusted slowly during the operation of the vibrating table, and it is forbidden to twist the knob quickly, otherwise the electric handlebar force is transformed into an electric parameter machine, which is easy to burn out

check the machine comprehensively before operation, and wipe it with a rag after use, Keep the machine clean

use it in strict accordance with the operating environment of the manual, and pay attention to water and moisture resistance

the bearings should be checked frequently, and the bearings should be removed and cleaned regularly and replaced with lubricating oil, so that the bearings can maintain good lubrication to achieve the normal operation of the equipment

do not put more load than the maximum load bearing capacity of the machine, otherwise it is easy to damage the equipment

do not plug in the wrong power supply, such as: 220V is misused as 110V power supply), causing a short circuit, Burn out the instrument

it should be reliably grounded to ensure safety

it should be independently controlled by a professional technician to ensure the correct operation method

after the operation, it should cut off the power and effectively integrate the resources of industry, University and research. What are the methods to eliminate the error of the pressure tester? If there is a demand for the inside and outside of the machine

please do not disassemble the equipment by yourself. If there is a problem, please contact the manufacturer

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