Heineken acquired Russian brewery at a high price

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Heineken company acquired Russian brewery at a high price

according to a recent report in the Russian Gazette, Heineken brewery of the Netherlands announced that it had reached an agreement with Bravo brewery in St. Petersburg to purchase the brewery at a price of $400million. This is the highest purchase price in the history of Russian beer industry, which is settled by us. Market participants believe that Heineken's high price is to buy time to seize the Russian beer market. Last year, Bravo brewery produced 23million gallons of beer and 4.5 million gallons of low-alcohol beverages. Heineken spokesman said that in the one-year acquisition process, Bravo plant should make beer such as vicrylmesh reg The output of skin grafting materials and dura substitutes reached 52.5 million gallons. Market participants believe that even so, the purchase price is quite high, reaching US $76.2 per hundred liters of beer production capacity. Heineken believes that it is worth spending so much money to buy this factory because the Icelandic investors of this factory have invested US $100million, and the "bochkaliov" beer of this factory is already a well-known brand in Russia

Heineken is the third largest beer company in the world. The company believes that the Russian market has great potential, and Russia may become the fifth largest beer country in the world in a few years. According to Heineken, the company does not plan to change the marketing strategy of the brewery or the brand it already owns, but it plans to launch Heineken beer made in Russia here in the future

in 1999, Belgium's inbrew company purchased the Russian Omsk brewery at a price of US $24.8 per hundred liters of beer production capacity. In 2000, Russia's vimbildan company purchased Vladivostok brewery at a price of US $15.2 per hundred liters of beer production capacity. In the same year, Belgium's inbrew company offered us $41.3 when it purchased klin brewery, In 2001, the European bank for reconstruction and development offered us $50 for the acquisition of the brewery in Ufa

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