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Analysis of supervision information of Henan power dispatching operation in June 2018: the power generation in June reached 23.805 billion kwh

the highest negative electricity consumption in June "Dr. Michael zobel said that the load appeared on the 27th, reaching 51.11 million KW, an increase of 11.9 million KW over the highest load last month and 5.91 million KW over the same period last year; The monthly minimum load was 28.83 million KW, and there was a movable horizontal 10 head to disconnect the power line (10 beam) at the top of 1. On the 9th, the minimum load increased by 1.29 million KW compared with the previous month and 2.8 million KW compared with the same period last year. The daily peak valley difference is as high as 16.77 million KW. The actual blocked capacity due to maintenance, heating, water conditions and long-term shutdown is 20.25 million KW, which is 610000 kW less than the estimated blocked capacity. The specific contents are as follows:

II. Power balance

in June, the power generation reached 23.805 billion kwh, the connecting line received 3.409 billion kwh, the power consumption was 27.214 billion kwh, and the maximum load of power generation was 33.03 million KW. It is estimated that in July 2018, the power generation will be 23.9 billion kwh, the power received by the connecting line will be 4 billion kwh, and the power consumption will be 27.9 billion kwh

III. utilization of power generation equipment

the average power generation load rate in June was 58.82%, and the monthly average operating reserve capacity was 4.3 million KW, the monthly maximum operating reserve capacity was 5 million KW, and the monthly minimum operating reserve capacity was 3.5 million KW. From the overall situation, the province's unified commissioning of self owned power plants for coal-fired units will achieve an annual capacity of 50000 tons of lithium-ion cathode material and 10billion watt hour power batteries, and the monthly average generating load rate of the units is significantly better than that of other units. The specific situation is as follows:

IV. equipment failure

in June, the province's direct commissioning units were due to large vibration of the second bearing, large vibration of the units, burst of high-pressure exhaust pipes, main protection action of the boiler, high bearing back temperature, large bearing vibration There are a total of 14 records of tripping and emergency shutdown due to turbine speed clamp failure, low temperature superheater leakage, low feedwater flow protection action, horizontal flue superheater leakage, denitration system failure, generator outlet Pt grounding and other reasons. Twelve fault records have been repaired, and two more will be repaired next month

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