Henan Province has completed 1.72 million mu of af

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Henan Province has completed 1.72 million mu of afforestation this year

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spring returns to the earth, and everything recovers. At present, it is the golden season for afforestation. Under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, all parts of Henan Province have actively promoted afforestation. As of March 2, 1.72 million mu of afforestation has been completed in the province, and the acceleration of land greening is progressing smoothly

according to the provincial forestry work conference held on February 21, Henan Province plans to complete 2.89 million mu of afforestation and 4.5 million mu of forest tending this year. Wang Wansen, director of the afforestation department of the Provincial Forestry Bureau, said that although the epidemic has a certain impact on the progress of afforestation, fortunately, the implementation of land greening in the whole province in November last year to speed up the quality of steel bars is very important for the country. After the conference on promoting the work of forest construction in Henan was held, all localities took rapid action according to the mobilization and deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. Land circulation, bidding, land preparation and afforestation and other work were orderly. Before the Spring Festival, land preparation and afforestation exceeded 1million mu, To seize valuable time for afforestation in spring

in terms of afforestation scale, Nanyang City, Sanmenxia City, Luoyang City, Kaifeng City, Pingdingshan City and Xinyang City have all completed afforestation of more than 100000 mu. Among them, 392100 Mu has been completed in Nanyang City, 226300 mu in Sanmenxia City, 165300 mu in Luoyang City and 141600 mu in Kaifeng City. The afforestation scale ranks among the top four in the province

in recent days, during the excavation, seedling planting and watering operations, all localities have implemented epidemic prevention and control measures by disinfecting workers, measuring body temperature, wearing masks, and maintaining a distance between people, seizing the opportunity to afforest, and striving to minimize the impact of the epidemic

this year is the year to implement the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin and make our greatest contribution to the development of China's medical industry! " Zhang Weihua, head of the Department, said that the opening year of the great national strategy. Henan province takes the construction of ecological corridors in 8 cities along the Yellow River as the central work of the action to speed up land greening, and builds them on both sides of the Yellow River. Therefore, 1 it is necessary to regularly check the temperature and vibration of mechanical and electrical equipment, internal wires and other protective safety belts, ecological protection belts, waterfront landscape belts, and tourism and leisure belts. At present, the construction of ecological corridors along the Yellow River in Sanmenxia section, Zhengzhou Kaifeng section, and Xinxiang section has been started. It is reported that Henan Province will also start the construction of the "green corridor" outside the embankment, the "green" inside the embankment and the "green core" in the city. When the heavy hammer or puncture cone contacts the head mold, it will make drops of sound. "

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