Jiande City, Zhejiang Province will comprehensivel

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Jiande City, Zhejiang Province will comprehensively rectify the environmental pollution in the calcium carbonate industry

Jiande City, Zhejiang Province will comprehensively rectify the environmental pollution in the calcium carbonate industry

July 4, 2008

[China paint information] it was learned from the relevant mobilization meeting held yesterday afternoon that our city will spend about a year to comprehensively rectify the environmental pollution in the city's calcium carbonate industry, so that production enterprises can basically achieve relative agglomeration, The pollutants were discharged up to the standard, and the plant appearance was significantly improved on December 20, 2013, so as to ensure the healthy, orderly and sustainable development of the calcium carbonate industry

after years of development, the calcium carbonate industry has become a major characteristic industry in our city. As of last year, the industry has achieved a GDP of more than 1.2 billion yuan and the number of enterprises has reached more than 320. However, the survival status of the industry, which is small in scale, scattered in distribution, promoting close contact with customers, backward in production technology, and serious environmental pollution, is not conducive to the sustainable development of the calcium carbonate industry, but also incompatible with the city's goal of improving the regional environment and creating an ecological city. At the same time, as the rigid requirements of the higher authorities on the city's energy conservation and emission reduction targets are further tightened, the comprehensive renovation of the calcium carbonate industry will undoubtedly free up more energy consumption and easy to cause very serious consequences for the city's industrial economic development; Another example is the spring environment capacity space for shock absorption. In addition, the comprehensive renovation has been listed as one of the important contents of "811" environmental protection in Hangzhou in the new three years, which indicates that the renovation of calcium carbonate industry in Hangzhou is imperative. Among them, shouchang, hangtou, Datong, Lijia, Lianhua and qintang are key towns for renovation

the relevant implementation plan issued by the municipal government a few days ago clearly stipulates the objectives to be achieved in this renovation: in terms of production technology, the earth kilns of lime kiln enterprises must be eliminated, the tail gas of mechanical shaft kilns must be installed with desulfurization and dust removal facilities, and the waste gas must meet the emission standards; The ash calcification process must adopt sealed tank equipment, and the ash melting, drying and packaging processes must be installed. The domestic carbon fiber production technology is still relatively backward, and the dust removal device must be installed; The mills of heavy calcium enterprises must be equipped with dust removal equipment. For enterprises with ore cleaning process, the wastewater must be treated to meet the standard, and a standard discharge outlet must be built; All dust outlets of light calcium production enterprises must be equipped with dust removal devices, and waste gas and waste water must also be discharged up to the standard. In terms of plant appearance, the plant area of the enterprise shall be kept clean and tidy, and the raw materials and products shall be stacked orderly. The plant must adopt brick and steel frame greenhouses and keep them sealed. At the same time, the lime and calcium sheds in the visible range of roads and scenic spots and residential areas must be removed. The newly-built lime and calcium enterprises must enter the industrial functional areas or township planning gathering points, and the production scale must reach more than 10000 tons per year, and the relevant environmental protection approval procedures must be handled

it is reported that in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the comprehensive rectification action, the municipal government has also issued corresponding financial subsidy policies. Enterprises that fail to relocate or rectify within the specified time limit will be severely investigated and punished

Wu Tiemin, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and vice mayor, put forward requirements for the comprehensive rectification work

municipal leaders Su Xusheng and Guo Changyou attended the mobilization meeting

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