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Cigarette printing company jd820 gravure printing machine has successfully completed the installation of color decks

in order to meet the production requirements of adding anti-counterfeiting technology to zhongdihua products and realizing seven color printing, in September this year, cigarette printing company launched the project of adding color decks to jd820 online die-cutting gravure printing machine. After installation, commissioning and improvement, the product acceptance of China soft strip box was carried out in early October, and trial production was carried out on Lanzhou cigarette label. After acceptance, the main body of the equipment and various auxiliary devices can be used normally, reaching the expected goal and meeting the actual production requirements of anti-counterfeiting products of China

since the whole process of adding color decks is based on the improvement of existing equipment, it is necessary to disassemble and re sample the equipment that operates stably. The samples are arranged in one group according to each experimental direction, and the inspection machine is moved and installed. The difficulty coefficient is quite large, involving the reconstruction layout of water, electricity, gas and other networks. Smoke printing company broke through many technical difficulties such as the limitation of site space, made several easy design schemes, made a dojo in the screw shell, cross operated the demolition of the inspection device at the existing position of the new color group, and changed the existing water inlet and return pipes of cold water pipes, existing compressed air pipes, and exhaust air pipe interfaces at the same time; The capacity of the fan after the new color group is increased; In addition, the positioning and calibration of the new printing unit, the splicing and installation of mechanical components, the laying and connection of power lines and control lines, and the connection of gas, water and auxiliary pipelines have been well completed

the completion of adding color decks to jd820 will help the company better serve the Chinese brand, in which the market consumption of polystyrene materials is about 36million square meters, and improve the anti-counterfeiting technology of various series of products in China

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