Japanese PVC dollar quotation surfaced in the late

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Japanese PVC dollar quotation in the new year has surfaced

how the PVC dollar quotation in Asia will be introduced in the new year and whether it can support the faltering Chinese PVC market has always been a major event in the PVC industry recently

on December 10, Japanese PVC exporters officially announced their quotations for the new year. In the new quotation, the quotation of Xinyue PVC in the United States is $420/t, which has changed five times the main port of the country in CIF. (Japan's PVC plant in the United States has officially expanded its production, becoming the largest manufacturer of PV in North America and the best experimental equipment C that provides economic benefits to users at all levels.) The quotation of Japan shinyue TK series PVC resin, such as metal lithium, butyl lithium and others, is less than $440/t; Oceania announced that it would make an official offer on December 13

the Japanese side is also under great pressure to postpone the quotation until this Monday. Although the production of VCM and PVC devices is reduced, the export inventory pressure is still large, especially in the absence of any improvement in the Chinese market, this quotation will not be concluded for a long time, and the duration may be more than a month. Therefore, whether Japan is psychologically prepared is crucial to the Asian PVC market

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