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Jiang Boen, chairman of Jianghe paper, was listed in the 2020 list of young private entrepreneurs in Henan Province

release date: Source: Jianghe paper

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young talents, young and promising. On October 12, the office of Henan Provincial Department of industry and information technology issued the notice on publishing the list of young private entrepreneurs in Henan Province in 2020 (ygxly enterprise [2020] No. 95), and Jiang Boen, chairman of Henan Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd., was honored on the list

in order to stimulate the vitality of the young generation of private entrepreneurs and strengthen the construction of excellent private entrepreneurs, Henan Province announced the "implementation of the growth plan for the young generation of private entrepreneurs" in May this year, and decided to select a group of young generation of private entrepreneurs with political direction, development skills, responsibility and cultural connotation throughout the province in 2020; We will implement the action of healthy growth, gather the essential resources of the whole society for key cultivation, and build a team of outstanding private entrepreneurs in Henan through measures such as "enhancing ideals and beliefs, stimulating endogenous motivation, increasing exchanges and training, and strengthening precision services"

the younger generation is respectable, and the later waves can be expected. Jiang Boen is currently the chairman and general manager of Jianghe paper industry, and also the vice chairman of the national special paper Committee, the vice chairman of Henan Paper Industry Association, the vice chairman of the Federation of industry and Commerce after the bucktooth test piece in Wuzhi County reaches the set value, and has won the titles of Henan scientific and technological innovation entrepreneur, Jiaozuo Youxiu NPC Representative and so on

the water of rivers has a long history. In 2019, chairman Jiang bo'en led Jianghe paper industry to adhere to the development concept of "abiding by ingenuity, sustainable innovation, precision production and green intelligent manufacturing", overcome the adverse effects of severe foreign trade, insufficient domestic demand and strict environmental protection, and always implement the principle of "doing fine things and making fine paper" (4) measuring the relative uncertainty introduced by repeatability U4; Production and management concept, has achieved good development performance, and all economic indicators are better than in previous years. The company was selected as one of the top 200 enterprises in China's light industry in 2019, and ranked among the top 10 enterprises in Henan's paper industry. It also won the three lists of "top 100 private enterprises in Henan in 2019", leading the development of private enterprises in the province

in extraordinary times, we overcome difficulties altogether. Since 2020, chairman Jiang bo'en has led Jianghe paper industry, from epidemic prevention and control, to resumption of production, technological transformation, and then to market development, to jointly manage and accurately implement policies, so that the enterprise has maintained a steady development momentum with abundant energy

brave the wind and waves and keep running. The young "leader" - Chairman Jiang Boen will lead the river elite team to continue to cope with the impact and challenges brought by the COVID-19, and make positive contributions to promoting the high-quality development of China's paper industry and local economy

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