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Optimistic about the Chinese market, Japanese machine tool enterprises have triggered a hot investment in Taiwan

by the formal implementation of the economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) for the production of lightweight electronic displays and light and thin on-board entertainment systems across the Taiwan Strait, and the joint impact of the 311 earthquake in Japan and the soaring yen, Japanese machine tool manufacturers have come to Taiwan, China to set up factories. Following the introduction of FANUC, a well-known numerical control equipment manufacturer in Japan, Japan's cangfu machinery has also set up its first overseas production base in Taiwan and is optimistic about the market opportunities in Chinese Mainland; Meanwhile, Okuma, the second largest machine tool manufacturer in Japan, is also preparing to expand its plant in Taiwan and has begun relevant work

on December 22, the completion ceremony of the new plant was held by Japan's cangfu machinery. Many Taiwan machine tool enterprises, including Shangyin technology, which prevent overloaded operation, are supply chain manufacturers of cangfu. After putting into mass production in January 2012, cangfu will account for 8% of the global supply chain. Officials from Taiwan's Ministry of economy said that cangfu machinery is a high-end machine tool manufacturer, especially in aerospace, wind and other professional machine tools, CNC horizontal boring and milling machine products, which are more famous

in 2010, after Taiwan, China and the mainland signed ECFA, some machine tool projects exported to the mainland can enjoy zero tariff treatment, which triggered a hot investment in Taiwan by large Japanese machine tool manufacturers. In November last year, cangfu machinery decided to set up the first overseas production base in Houli Park of Taiwan Zhongke phase III. although the investment amount was only NT $264 million, it did not rule out the possibility of continuing to invest an additional 200 million yuan. An official from the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that cangfu machinery is very optimistic about the Chinese Mainland market and hopes to use Taiwan as its production base

under the influence of the 311 earthquake in Japan and the soaring yen, Japanese businesses have sought overseas backup bases to spread risks. In particular, Taiwan and the mainland signed ECFA, which has more development advantages than other regions. It is expected that Taiwan's machine tool exports will reach more than $4billion in 2011, and it is expected to squeeze Italy for the first time, becoming the world's top three machine tool export regions, second only to Japan and Germany

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