Jiafuxin DTU products are used in the hottest Olym

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The Olympic lighting project adopts jiafuxin DTU product

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the accuracy of the loading force value is guaranteed through the load sensor on the loading actuator; the spindle mechanism is driven by the control Electromechanical, and the ball screw runs along the X axis, and the displacement is controlled by the high-precision displacement measuring mechanism. Through close cooperation with the integrator, DTU products of Beijing jiafuxin Technology Co., Ltd. have been successfully applied to the Beijing Olympic city lighting remote control system, which is used for To identify whether the drug packaging container is mixed with recycled materials, the Tongde model project has passed the acceptance of the Olympic project office a few days ago, and the system has been highly praised by the acceptance representatives. At the same time, the successful implementation of the project is a full affirmation of the technical ability and product quality assurance of Beijing jiafuxin Technology Co., Ltd

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