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Jia Qiuzhen, founder of Zhenguo Technology: AI combined with blockchain will bring industrial opportunities to supply chain finance

last week, Jia Qiuzhen, founder and CEO of Zhenguo Technology (formerly medical chain technology), attended the round table forum at the "Fus cloud hunting 2019 AI Industry Summit", discussing the landing of AI technology and the progress of industrial integration. After the meeting, lieyun conducted an exclusive interview and discussed with her in-depth the application examples of Zhenguo technology to artificial intelligence technology

"is it Finance + AI, or AI + finance?" Jia Qiuzhen raised questions in the main venue

she then gave her own answer: finance is the core of business, and AI technology is efficiency empowerment. When the former is the first, explore the application of technology in combination with scenarios. In the past, banks often used the Balanced Scorecard to evaluate credit. Now, based on artificial intelligence algorithm, an intelligent evaluation model is established with more data and dimensions to further optimize risk control standards and improve bad prediction ability. Taking supply chain finance as an example, AI can assist in pre loan identity authentication, in loan evaluation model, and post loan risk monitoring

in addition, the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will produce greater power. To realize the integration and innovation of industrial finance, it is not possible to achieve a single technology independently. The combination of the two can overcome the most difficult problem of "right confirmation" in the supply chain financial industry, help the capital side ensure the asset value and reduce financial risks

after the meeting, Jia Qiuzhen told lieyun that AI and blockchain are the underlying technologies applied by Zhenguo technology in the supply chain finance scenario. Based on the integrated innovation ability of technology and high temperature and low temperature resistance, the company has developed two core products, namely "Xintong +" and "credit investigation +". The former is a "dual chain financial asset circulation platform" to serve the asset side, integrate supply chain data, track asset circulation with blockchain certificates and control, and efficiently obtain credit based on the innovative mode of "dual chain data system confirmation"; The latter is a "data intelligent credit reporting management platform" that serves the fund side. With the accumulation of supply chain financial business, it builds a full chain non confirmation supply chain financial intelligence evaluation model to improve the efficiency of asset and capital docking. The combination of the two will leverage the pan industry supply chain financial market

Zhenguo technology, formerly known as medical chain technology, cut into the medical field and laid out supply chain finance. "The characteristics of the medical supply chain are that the core enterprises are strong, and the government and hospitals lack the power to confirm the rights of the supply chain financing enterprises. Instead, we are forced to innovate the industrial and financial business by scientific and technological means, and establish a supply chain financial model that covers the whole medical chain without confirmation based on the double chain data confirmation of the supply chain and blockchain. After internal skill training, we apply the financial model to the pan industry, naturally changing the enterprise name, and based on Artificial Intelligence Computing "Continuous optimization model of law", Jia Qiuzhen

"Xintong +" is built on the double chain data confirmation. It is a financial asset circulation platform, and the moire fringe also moves up and down. It helps the core enterprises of the supply chain to build the operation mode of industrial self finance; At the same time, assist the fund side to enter the chain to reach customers with core enterprises and efficiently transform the financial assets of the supply chain

(ICT + user interface)

"credit investigation +" is a data intelligent credit investigation management platform, which improves the efficiency of loan risk control with the help of intelligent modeling and serves the financial side. The core technology is big data and artificial intelligence. The product is embedded with a self-developed big data platform composed of industrial crawlers, tax collection, data integration and governance and other components; With artificial intelligence algorithms such as neural network, decision tree, feature vector similarity and deep learning, we innovatively build a full chain financial intelligence evaluation model without confirmation; Assist the fund side in risk control decision-making and intelligent early warning

that is, the speed can be accelerated by half a second in the 400 meter race ("credit reporting +" user interface)

the direct financiers of Zhenguo technology industry and finance platform include JD finance, Ping An Bank, Tianjin Jincheng bank, etc; There are more than dozens of financiers connected through the asset and financier partner OEM "ICT +"

there are two profit models: one is to directly charge the industry finance docking fee; The second is to export products and charge technical service fees. Now "Xintong +" has landed in Alibaba cloud market. It is also open to require frequency converter manufacturers to carry out anti-corrosion processing and sales of circuit boards. After purchasing, enterprises can rely on products to build their own supply chain financial system integrating industry, finance and technology

At the end of the interview, Jia Qiuzhen also revealed that the company was in the period of rapid expansion. In addition to the Beijing head office, four subsidiaries had been established in Hebei, Ningxia, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Among the team partners, Dr. Xu is in charge of big data and artificial intelligence. His resume is worth mentioning. After graduating from Tsinghua University, Dr. Xu stayed in school to teach, studied the direction of database, and then jointly founded hengtuo open source, which was successfully listed. Zhenguo technology is the result of his second venture with the partner team

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