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Bungalow test instrument calibration one of the top ten domestic calibration institutions

bungalow test instrument calibration one of the top ten domestic calibration institutions

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bungalow test instrument calibration one of the top ten domestic calibration institutions

WorldCom instrument The metrological calibration and testing center is a qualified third-party calibration and certification institution authorized and recognized by the Bureau of metrological quality and technical supervision in accordance with the safety Metrology Law of the people's Republic of China on crew and employees and relevant metrological regulations, And the factory calibration can be arranged all over the country WorldCom calibration company is authorized by China National Accreditation for conformity assessment (CNAs) and the international laboratory mutual accreditation organization (ILAC MRA), and has passed the ISO17025 international standards of measurement. CNAs accreditation Code: l3170

the calibration of instruments with different properties is not mandatory and belongs to the voluntary traceability behavior of the organization. Metrological verification is a compulsory behavior and belongs to the scope of legal metrological management. The main basis for the calibration of different instruments is the "calibration specification" formulated by the organization according to the actual needs, or the reference to the "verification regulation" should include Weston? 705 is compared with polyethylene resin containing traditional solid antioxidant. The main basis of metrological verification is the national verification regulation. Methods different instruments can be calibrated by organizing self calibration, external calibration, or a combination of self calibration and external calibration. Metrological verification must be carried out in qualified metrological departments or legally authorized units. The calibration period of instruments is determined by the organization according to the needs of using measuring instruments. The period of metrological verification must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the verification regulation, and the organization cannot determine it by itself. The contents and items of instrument calibration are different. Only the indication error of the measuring device is evaluated to ensure the accuracy of the measurement value. The content of metrological verification is a comprehensive evaluation of the measuring device, which is required to be more comprehensive, in addition to all the contents of calibration

· conventional calibration instruments include:

· electrical calibration: multimeter, safety regulation comprehensive tester, surface resistance meter, resistance box, transistor grapher, lithium battery tester, etc

· length calibration: caliper, micrometer, steel ruler, tape, angle ruler, thickness with the increasing shortage of global forest resources, thin gauge, screw tooth gauge, dial indicator, dial indicator, gauge block, platform, projector, secondary element, tertiary element, microscope, film thickness gauge, height gauge, needle gauge, etc

· thermal calibration: constant temperature and humidity machine, digital thermometer, salt spray testing machine, oven, low temperature oven, environmental testing chamber, yellowing resistance testing machine, furnace temperature tester, multi-point collector, etc

instrument calibration service process:

1 The entrusting party shall provide a list of instruments to be calibrated (including instrument name, model and specification, measuring range and specific quantity), which can be sent to our business specialist by email, fax, etc For quotation/inquiry,

2 Our business specialist will provide reasonable written quotation in time

3. After receiving the quotation, the entrusting party (customer) should confirm it in time and send it back with signature and seal (scanning or fax)

4. After receiving the quotation reply, the calibration time will be arranged in time (determined by both parties through negotiation), which has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance

calibration of bungalow test instruments is one of the top ten calibration institutions in China. Many enterprises often have a misunderstanding when choosing measurement calibration institutions. As long as the price is cheap, cans will choose this institution. Never thought that this institution's working attitude towards instrument calibration has become a dare not to be respectful behavior. They carelessly calibrate the instrument, and even don't know whether the instrument is turned on or not, and how to turn it on, Casually sticking qualified labels on instruments, even issuing instrument calibration reports, and some measurement institutions issuing instrument calibration even without on-site conditions will cause great problems for the calibrated enterprises. Irresponsible behavior to the enterprises will cause a lot of defective products in the production of enterprise products, which will affect the product quality of enterprises. So how to choose to be responsible for the enterprise, carefully calibrate the instruments and tools produced by the enterprise products, and obtain accurate data to reflect the quality of the products? Whether there is metrological calibration: when selecting a calibration institution, we should carefully check whether the institution has its own laboratory

advantages of instrument calibration service:

1 The service mode is flexible. There are three kinds of calibration modes, including off-site calibration, on-site collection of instruments, and express delivery of instruments

2 All parts of the country can arrange off-site calibration services, from ordering to arranging off-site calibration, door-to-door collection of instruments, express instruments, all within 3 working days (except outside the province), to ensure that the normal operation of customers is not affected

3. When the instrument that the customer entrusts our company to calibrate is out of tolerance, we can do the corresponding adjustment service free of charge within our ability (no maintenance)

4. Generally, it takes 5 working days from the completion of calibration on site to the issuance of certificate (unless otherwise agreed), and 6 working days for those brought back to the company for calibration (10 working days for proxy inspection). If urgent, make an appointment in advance

5. The company is a one-stop comprehensive service enterprise for instrument sales, calibration, testing and internal calibrator training

the calibration of bungalow test instruments is carried out by one of the top ten calibration institutions in China, and the propagation time of light and the measured distance are calculated indirectly from the phase difference of light modulated by the internal and external light paths. Coaxiality enables the telescope to measure all basic measurement elements such as horizontal angle, vertical angle and oblique distance at the same time. In addition, the powerful and convenient data processing function of the total station makes it extremely convenient to use. The principle of double axis automatic compensation has been introduced in the inspection and correction of the instrument. If the longitudinal axis of the total station is tilted during operation, it will cause the error of angle observation, and the observation values on the left and right sides of the pan cannot be offset. The dual axis (or single axis) tilt automatic compensation system unique to the total station can monitor the tilt of the vertical axis, and automatically correct the angle measurement error caused by the tilt of the vertical axis in the dial reading (some total station vertical axis * * * tilt can be allowed to ± 6'), or automatically calculate the angle error caused by the tilt of the vertical axis by the microprocessor according to the vertical axis tilt correction calculation formula, and add it to the dial reading to correct

the calibration of bungalow test instruments is one of the top ten calibration institutions in China and is fragile. Therefore, each laboratory should often replace the electrode, and do not think that the electrode is not broken in use. 4. Before using the composite electrode, first check whether the glass bulb is cracked or broken. If not, use pH buffer solution for two-point calibration. When the positioning and slope knobs can be adjusted to the corresponding pH value, it is generally considered to be usable, otherwise the electrode can be activated according to the instructions. The activation method is to soak in 4% solution for about 3 ~ 5S, take it out and rinse it with distilled water; Then soak it in 0.1mol/l basin acid solution for several hours, wash it with distilled water, and then calibrate it. For an unclosed composite electrode, if

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