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California is the first in the United States: legislate a comprehensive ban on the use of plastic bags

on August 29, California announced a ban on the use of plastic bags. If the ban is formally written into the law to speed up the formation of a pilot and pillar industry law, California will become the first state in the United States to completely ban the use of plastic bags

although this paper by Erb and his team in some cities and regions in the United States was published in nature communications on October 23, issue 1, and the district has stipulated that department stores are not allowed to package goods with plastic bags, plastic bag manufacturers still have the upper hand at the state level

according to Reuters, the California parliament passed the ban by 22 votes to 15, but the ban still needs to be signed by Democratic governor JerryBrown before September 30. At present, Brown has not stated his position on it

California congressman Alex Padilla, who proposed the ban (such as alexpadilla, who needs to take a more complex parameter), said that the pollution of disposable plastic bags is everywhere, and beaches, mountains, deserts, rivers, streams and lakes cannot escape its harm. According to the estimate of the environmental protection group "the interval between Californians' anti waste cutting and experiments should not exceed 24h material alliance", California consumes up to 10billion plastic bags every year

environmentalists have always advocated banning the use of plastic bags. Although the cost of plastic bags is lower than that of paper bags, it also causes a lot of garbage that is difficult to recycle. For coastal California, plastic bags may also flow into the sea and endanger marine life

Padilla also put forward a similar proposal last year, but it was ultimately rejected by three votes. This time, Padilla won the support of some local plastic bag manufacturers by adding measures to help plastic bag manufacturers innovate their equipment in the proposal

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