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Recently, the labor union of Changlin company organized and planned a parent-child activity with the theme of "in the name of happiness" during the summer vacation of employees' children, so that employees who are usually busy with work and have no time to accompany their children can have a happy and beautiful + 2 day with their children in the company

on the day of the parent-child activity held by Changlin company of Sinomach

on the day of the activity, employees brought their spouses and children to the company early, took "happiness cards", walked through the "happiness gate" and took "happiness photos". The content of the activity is even more wonderful: family affection d) the fluctuation range of power supply voltage does not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage. Shooting, doll coloring, manual stickers, model assembly, work appreciation, sewing sachets, delicious tasting and other activities. At the same time, when children saw wonderful demonstrations of loaders, graders, excavators, etc. made by their parents, they were all proud, applauded, and took pictures with the products

At the end of the activity, the leaders of the company extended their heartfelt thanks and sincere respect to the family members of the employees, and hoped that the family members of the employees would better understand and support the work of their relatives, and jointly create a happy evergreen forest and jointly build a happy family. (this article is from Sinomach)

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