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State machinery group: build a new high-end heavy equipment sector

state machinery group: build a new high-end heavy equipment sector

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at the beginning of last year, in response to the "new normal" of economic development, Ren Hongbin, chairman of state machinery group, put forward a new concept of "Second Entrepreneurship". A year later, at the 2016 work conference of the state machinery group held on January 19, the state machinery group handed over a satisfactory answer sheet. The enterprise withstood the downward pressure to achieve steady growth, and all work has reached a new level

standing at the new starting point of the first year of the 13th five year plan, Ren Hongbin said that while going all out to stabilize growth, Sinomach group should strive to rebuild overseas new Sinomach. At the same time, the tension and elongation of the main testing data should be based on the platform of China Erzhong to build a new high-end heavy equipment R & D and manufacturing sector, and build a first-class enterprise in China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry integrating "science, industry and trade"

resist the downward pressure to achieve steady growth

Ren Hongbin pointed out that the past year has been the most severe, complex and arduous year of steady growth since the financial crisis. Sinomach group has thoroughly practiced the "Second Entrepreneurship" and achieved steady growth against downward pressure

in 2015, the state machinery group fully exceeded the assessment objectives and steady growth tasks of the SASAC. The group achieved a total profit of 8.3 billion yuan, of which the former Sinomach group (excluding China Erzhong) achieved a total profit of 8.5 billion yuan, an increase of 60 million yuan year-on-year; Through debt restructuring, turnaround and other work, China Erzhong achieved substantial loss reduction, with a loss of 48.56 million yuan in 2015, a loss of 3.1 billion yuan compared with that before the restructuring. Sinomach group achieved 4.1 billion yuan of e-vas, an increase of 3.05 billion yuan year on year, and paid 12 billion yuan of taxes. For the seventh consecutive year, it maintained A-level business performance assessment of SASAC

at the same time, breakthroughs have been made in the development and application of a large number of core common key technologies and products. The prototype of the six degree of freedom space joint industrial robot of the Research Institute of science and technology of the state machinery group has completed trial production, and the technical indicators have reached the level of similar international industrial robots; The first project of realizing "zero discharge" of industrial wastewater by using forward osmosis technology in wuter company affiliated to CAMCE international was successfully put into operation, filling the technical gap in this field in China. The scientific and technological team is full of talents. Yan Chuliang and Chen Xuedong were elected academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering respectively, which shows that the group's technology in the fields of aircraft structural reliability, special equipment design, manufacturing and operation and maintenance. This kind of ceramic particles (bimolecular polyurethane materials) are composed of red and green colors, and the technical level has reached the domestic first-class level

as the highlight of Sinomach in 2015, the reform and revitalization of China Second Heavy Machinery Group Corporation (China Erzhong) has made important progress. The debt restructuring successfully achieved the expected goal, and China's second heavy and second heavy reorganization plan was approved by the court, which laid a solid foundation for the realization of reform and revitalization; The active delisting of double reloading has become the first successful case since the reform of China's delisting system, fulfilling the social responsibility of central enterprises, safeguarding the rights and interests of shareholders and creditors to the greatest extent, maintaining the stability of the capital market, and providing an example for the practical operation of China's capital market delisting system; The asset revitalization has been carried out in an orderly manner. The asset revitalization plan of China Erzhong Chengdu Engineering Center, 80000 ton die forging press and Zhenjiang base has been formulated or has entered the implementation stage; The development of long-term products has achieved remarkable results, a number of new products have entered the trial production stage, and more than 30 products in traditional fields have made technological breakthroughs

in promoting the simplification of administration and decentralization, Sinomach group further decentralized the approval authority of investment and financing, authorized the board of directors of sumeda to approve the investment and withdrawal of photovoltaic power station projects, and authorized the board of directors of Sinomach to adjust the price of private placement according to the actual situation of the capital market, gradually realizing the decision-making power of the board of directors in the selection and employment; Steadily promote the reform of mixed ownership, and promote relevant enterprises to explore and enter the new third board; Further improve the dual regulation of the total wages of enterprises and the income level of employees, and promote the effective linkage between the total wages and the benefits of enterprises; We will deepen the reform of the three systems of enterprises and further improve the employment mechanism of being able to move up and down, and being able to enter and leave. In recent three years, Sinomach has reduced the number of on-the-job employees by more than 2700, including nearly 1300 in 2015

in terms of optimizing resource allocation, enterprises actively and steadily carry out mergers and acquisitions, and further improve the industrial chain of abrasive tools and heavy machinery; Promote the business integration of several sectors such as agricultural machinery and general machinery, promote the listing and refinancing of enterprises, further tap the restructuring value of stock resources, strengthen the combination of restructuring and integration with the platform of listed companies, and improve the market value and liquidity of state-owned capital; Speed up the clean-up of inefficient and ineffective assets, reduce 10 enterprises at or below the fifth level last year, and achieve the goal at the beginning of the year; The newly established state-owned machinery capital and state-owned machinery intelligent company are conducive to the group's realization of "four-wheel drive" with the help of capital, accelerating the occupation of the highland of the intelligent equipment industry and promoting the expansion and strengthening of the intelligent equipment industry

deploy the key work tasks in 2016. Ren Hongbin stressed that the SASAC has put forward the goal of achieving restorative growth in the benefits of central enterprises this year and achieving steady growth in 2017. Sinomach group should go all out to stabilize growth, expand the Rio Tinto market, reduce losses, reduce costs, tighten assessment, actively promote structural optimization, and vigorously promote coordinated development. At the same time, we should focus on promoting China's dual reform and revitalization, implementing innovation driven, deepening enterprise reform, and promoting resource integration

the contribution rate of overseas assets will account for half of the country

"international operation is the only way for the development of central enterprises, and rebuilding overseas new national machinery is the inevitable choice and objective requirement to build the group into a world-class enterprise."

Ren Hongbin stressed that the enterprises affiliated to the group should take into account their own actual capabilities, stages, industry characteristics, market patterns and other factors, adopt an international operation mode suitable for their own characteristics, and actively and steadily participate in international competition and global resource allocation. In the long run, the group should realize the balanced allocation and optimal allocation of business structure, income structure, asset structure and talent structure on a global scale, promote the transformation from "product output" to "capital output", and realize that the contribution rate of overseas assets of the group accounts for half of the country

it is reported that last year, Sinomach group promoted the "reconstruction of overseas new Sinomach" with model innovation. During this period, we seized the overseas market opportunities brought by the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, innovated the project contracting business model, promoted the transformation and upgrading of the project contracting business with "epc+", and created a number of eye-catching star projects. As a landmark and strategic project in the Silk Road Economic Belt, the China Belarus Industrial Park completed various node projects on time, and the work of attracting investment and park management was smoothly promoted, which attracted the high attention of the two heads of state; As the first coal power integration project in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, CMEC's Pakistan thar coal power project has entered the financing stage, opening a new idea for China Pakistan energy cooperation; As the largest first-class Hydropower Station invested and built by Chinese enterprises in Cambodia and the first BOT project outside the group, the Cambodian tatai Hydropower Station invested and constructed by China heavy machinery officially began commercial operation, with an average annual power generation of nearly 900million kwh, which plays an important role in the comprehensive economic and social development and poverty eradication of Cambodia. Strengthen internal coordination, formulate and promulgate the implementation plan of "agriculture going out", and promote the expansion and strengthening of agricultural machinery and equipment; The export doubling plan was overfulfilled, and the export of state-owned machinery manufacturing products exceeded US $600million last year, achieving 127% of the target value; Upgrading non entity operations, has signed several engineering contracting projects with a total contract amount of more than $2billion, is tracking more than 20 projects, and has achieved more than twice the target at the beginning of the year

according to the strategic deployment, Sinomach will continue to promote international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation in 2016. Further implement the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, take the countries along the "the Belt and Road" as the focus of overseas business expansion, promote products, technologies, standards and services to go global, and orderly participate in international market competition. In the process of promoting international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, we should pay attention to the key countries and regions supported by the state for development, give play to the advantages of the group's comprehensive equipment industry group, seize strategic opportunities, and constantly expand the space for international and domestic investment in lithium-ion battery industry

promote the upgrading of international business. Constantly optimize the structure, innovate ways and methods, expand the breadth and depth, and promote the upgrading of international business from low-end to high-end links in the industrial chain, high value-added products and services. Vigorously consolidate the traditional market of international business, strive to develop the markets of emerging economies and vigorously expand the high-end markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States on the basis of fully tapping the traditional markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America

promote the innovation of international business model. Actively promote key projects such as China Belarus Industrial Park and Pakistan thar coal power, steadily carry out overseas direct investment in equipment manufacturing and engineering services, effectively promote the business model innovation of "agriculture going out" and other projects, and form a good trend of coordinated development of import and export trade, international engineering contracting, foreign investment and management

China Erzhong strives to achieve the "double super" goal

Xu Jian, general manager of state machinery group, said that with the in-depth promotion of debt restructuring, personnel diversion and other measures to reduce the burden and stop bleeding, China Erzhong has basically been able to go to the battle with light equipment. In 2016, it is necessary to comprehensively take practical and effective measures, strictly implement the established plans, and ensure the smooth realization of the goal of turning losses into difficulties

the author learned at the meeting that China Erzhong achieved an operating revenue of 4.98 billion yuan in 2015, a year-on-year increase of 9.5%, an economic value-added of 240 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.57 billion yuan, a total profit of -48.56 million yuan, and a year-on-year loss of 8.31 billion yuan. The main joint-stock company achieved a profit of 32million yuan

the achievement is attributed to the dual measures of "surgical operation" and "medical operation" taken by Sinomach group. Sinomach group has promoted China's double turnaround through various ways, such as both internal and external efforts and comprehensive measures. "Internal medicine surgery" mainly starts with accelerating "hemostasis" and enhancing "hematopoiesis". Through measures such as personnel diversion, mechanism and system reform, and strengthening management, the "bleeding" point is controlled, and the "hematopoiesis" function is restored through measures such as business transformation, market development, and improving marginal benefits. "Surgery" focuses on debt restructuring, synergy and asset revitalization to solve debt risks, reduce assets and liabilities, promote business synergy, and support China's double burden reduction and efficiency

Ren Hongbin stressed that the reform and revitalization of China's second heavy industry group has entered a new stage. This year, on the basis of the breakthrough made last year, we should further take practical and effective measures to completely restore the sustainable operation and profitability of China's second heavy industry group, so as to ensure the realization of China's second heavy industry group's goal of turning losses into profits in 2016 and return to the track of healthy and sustainable development. Strive to achieve "double excesses" in 2016 through its own operation and business collaboration, that is, the operating revenue exceeds 10billion yuan and the total profit exceeds 100million yuan; By means of capital and resource injection, the asset liability ratio of China Erzhong at the end of 2016 will meet the requirements of enterprise development as much as possible

in order to achieve the goal of "double transcendence", Sinomach will promote the reform and revitalization of China's dual industry through the following major measures

first, accelerate transformation and upgrading and cultivate new growth points. Vigorously improve products by accelerating technological progress and equipment upgrading

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