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Sinomach held the second high-tech talent review conference

Sinomach held the second high-tech talent review conference

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on June 24, 2015, the second high-tech talent review conference of the group company 4 The meeting will not be held at the headquarters. Two external members, including ludaming, former president of Beijing lifting and transportation machinery design and Research Institute, Huang Jincai, director of the talent development department of the human resources department of Sinomach, Wu peiguo, chairman, general manager and chairman of the group company, Zheng Shanglong, deputy general manager and chief engineer, Yan Weihong, deputy general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Cai Zhongqing, deputy general manager, and 11 internal members of the affiliated enterprises, a total of 18 people attended the review meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wang Weiyan, Secretary of the Party committee of the group company, vice chairman and vice chairman of the high-tech talent evaluation committee

only high-quality equipment of Sinomach has high value. The second review meeting of high-tech talents was held.

each applicant enterprise reported the overall situation of its application for the second session of high-tech talents, and the members attending the meeting reviewed and discussed the situation of 22 people who applied for the second session of high-tech talents. Finally, the second session of high-tech talents of the group company was selected by secret ballot of 18 members, including 4 chief experts and 13 technical leaders

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Wu peiguo asked all affiliated enterprises in his concluding speech: first, we should strengthen talent training, vigorously cultivate young technical talents, and form a reasonable echelon of technical talents; Second, all affiliated enterprises should ensure that all aspects of the treatment of high-tech talents in the group company are implemented in place. At the same time, high-tech talents should play a role until they are qualified, making new contributions to the product innovation and technological progress of the group company

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