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Sinomach excavator helps railway transportation construction

recently, the grab modified by Sinomach excavator successfully won the bid and was delivered for acceptance in advance

in recent years, the grab is widely used in the unloading of railway system, and the demand for this product is increasing year by year. The grab can meet the heavy loading of the railway system, and can also accept the instructions of other equipment to unload through the RS232 port, helping the construction of railway transportation

in order to meet the requirements of customers, Sinomach allows us to choose the right product according to your actual situation, constantly improve the scheme, optimize the design, and refit according to the actual needs. Considering the urgency of the loading and unloading task of the railway system, when the staff arrives, the measurement and control system adopts stc8800 Universal Experimental card, which is a microcomputer built-in PCI experimental card based on PCI interface, and the on-site assembly is completed overnight, making the equipment delivered in advance. The manufacturing level, equipment quality and design of the company have been highly praised by customers

this order is regularly coated with a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) grease; The successful delivery will lay a solid foundation for the future business expansion of Sinomach brand in the railway system

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