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It is required to take the special rectification of the "headquarters institutionalization" of central enterprises as an important starting point for further rectification of formalism and bureaucracy, and as an inevitable requirement for further promoting the market-oriented reform of central enterprises, and take effective measures to comprehensively "promote the rectification work. Sinomach attached great importance to it, responded positively, earnestly implemented and solidly promoted the special rectification work of "headquarters institutionalization". Sinomach actively participated in the video training on the special rectification work of the "headquarters institutionalization" of central enterprises held by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council to learn about the practices and experiences of other enterprises. The Party committee of the group conveyed and learned the relevant documents and the spirit of the meeting at the first time, and made requirements and arrangements for implementing the deployment of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of the fourth is to actively guide the healthy and orderly development of the industry, and solidly carry out the rectification of the group's "headquarters institutionalization". According to the requirements of the group leaders, combined with the inspection and rectification division of labor, clarify the task requirements, grasp the work priorities, further adjust and optimize the functions and institutions, change the working methods and work styles, improve the long-term mechanism, and fundamentally promote the solution of the problem of "headquarters institutionalization"

Song Xin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of the state machinery group, presided over the promotion meeting of the special rectification work of "headquarters institutionalization", listened to the progress report of the special rectification work, and put forward requirements for the next step

Sinomach group made an overall deployment for the special rectification work, defined the time nodes of various tasks, determined the division of tasks in the legislative reform list, clarified the implementation steps of the rectification work, required to improve the political position, unify the ideological consciousness, deeply understand the importance of the rectification work, and coordinate as a whole to ensure the effectiveness of the special rectification work

on the basis of fully sorting out its own problems, Sinomach group has formulated the implementation plan for the special rectification of the "headquarters institutionalization" of China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") in accordance with the principles of adhering to the problem orientation, market orientation, comprehensive treatment and addressing both the symptoms and root causes, and has taken active action to do a good job in the special rectification of the "headquarters institutionalization" problem

six key tasks


around value positioning, optimize the management and control system


simplify approval matters, increase authorization and decentralization


optimize work processes, improve management efficiency


improve the style of writing and meeting, standardize inspection and research


change work methods, strengthen service awareness


create a team of high-quality talents and cultivate excellent people.Corporate culture

at present, The plan has broken down all the work one by one and implemented it in specific departments to ensure the implementation. 2. Select the right angle sample with notch: the right angle sample with notch is the actual effect of cutting the sample in advance. Sinomach will focus on solving outstanding problems for a period of time, complete the items specified in the legislative reform list of the legislative branch, speed up the disposal and give priority to solutions, and strive to achieve practical results as soon as possible. For problems that require a long time to be rectified after the company recently signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Management Committee of Zhuhai Development Zone, the rectification plan is scientifically formulated, orderly and steadily promoted, and the rectification is actively promoted

link: the special rectification work for the "headquarters institutionalization" of central enterprises

in recent years, central enterprises have solidly promoted market-oriented reform, continuously improved the system and mechanism, continuously enhanced the vitality and market competitiveness of enterprises, and achieved positive results in various work. However, there is also the problem of "headquarters institutionalization", which restricts the deepening of the reform of state-owned enterprises to a certain extent and affects the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. The state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council requires central enterprises to further enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, take special rectification as an important political task at present, resolutely get rid of the idea of "official standard", fundamentally solve the problems of headquarters administration and institutionalization, and provide a strong guarantee for the high-quality development of central enterprises

solving the problem of "headquarters institutionalization" is an important measure to promote central enterprises to establish a system and mechanism closely integrated with the market economy, and an important starting point to adhere to the leadership of the party, improve the corporate governance structure, and build a modern state-owned enterprise system with Chinese characteristics

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