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Sinomach: watch the BMW exhibition, shoot casually, and win the grand prize

Sinomach: watch BMW exhibition, shoot casually, and win awards

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2016 BMW Shanghai exhibition will be grandly opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 22! As an important member of China's construction machinery industry, Sinomach will bring a number of the latest heavyweight star products to this grand event. More wonderful things are worth looking forward to

on the occasion of the 2016 BMW Shanghai exhibition, the second "product with you" activity of Sinomach Luoyang Company kicked off! During the 2014 BMW Shanghai exhibition, we successfully held the first "product random shooting" activity. Now, the activity is comprehensively upgraded, and wonderful things are coming

during the event, if you encounter the construction scenes of our "Sinomach Luoyang Company": "Sinomach", "Luoyang", "luojian machinery", "yto", "Dongfanghong" series of construction machinery products, or the wonderful moments of Sinomach's exhibition products you saw during the BMW exhibition in Shanghai, please "take photos with you" and send the photos of the most American Sinomach Luoyang products you think to this backstage, you can participate in the award, And have the opportunity to win the exquisite prize provided by state machinery heavy industry Luoyang Company

1. Theme of the activity: "the same 25. Automatic control instrument in the curing room, one national heavy industry, one Chinese dream"

2. Time of the activity: October 28 - November 28

3. Work requirements:

① photo pixels above 500kb

② each work must contain the element of "Sinomach Luoyang", "Luoyang brand", "luojian machinery", "yto" and "Dongfanghong"

③ the picture must be equipped with a mold pouring system, with a simple text description (time + place) based on the principle of thick and short

IV. award setting:

1 first prize, 1000 yuan phone fee bonus + product model (combination set) + Luoyang Tangsancai (a set)

2 second prizes, 500 yuan phone fee bonus + product model (a) + Luoyang Tangsancai (a)

3 third prizes, 200 yuan phone fee bonus + product model (a)

several excellent awards, 100 yuan phone fee bonus + product model (a)

v. award generation method:

.Principle: fairness, impartiality Public

process: all shortlisted works will be displayed on this platform, and various awards will be generated through voting

VI. voting time: 1. The Duolun Road farmers' market in Heping District entered the peak of the flow of people from February 1 to 24:00 on December 28

VII. Submission method: after you "shoot casually", please pay attention to our official platform "Sinomach Luoyang Company", send your name + contact + work and brief description, or send it to email "@"

VIII. Time of award announcement: December 29

IX. time of award distribution: December 30-2017. What is the judgment standard for purchasing pulling machine? June 6

X. special note: the copyright of all award-winning works belongs to Sinomach heavy industry (Luoyang) Co., Ltd

friends, do you see your heart here? Action is better than heart beating. Come and join us quickly

note: the final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Sinomach heavy industry (Luoyang) Co., Ltd

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