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The largest printing label exhibition in China was unveiled in Yangcheng in March, and the same period activities were brilliant

the largest printing industry events in 2012, "the 19th South China International Printing Industry Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as: the 19th South China International Printing Exhibition 2012), "2012 China International label printing technology exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as: 2012 China International label exhibition 2012), It will be held in Pazhou Pavilion of Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair from March 7 to 9, 2012. Combined with the "19th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Sino pack 2012)" held in the same period, the seven exhibition halls have a total area of 80000 square meters. It is expected that by 2020, nearly 50000 professional visitors at home and abroad will come to visit and purchase, and the scale will hit a new record

1000 well-known enterprises actively participated in the 19th South China International Printing Exhibition. More than 1000 well-known enterprises from 15 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, including Shanghai Electric, Han's Guanhua, Huaguang Seiko, MBO, Shanghai Zihong, horauf, lucky erjiao, China Germany Group Zhejiang Zhengrun, Jinbao, Weihai Bintian, Qingdao Ruipu, fangbang, Nanjiang, China Eastern Airlines, ZHENGBO, Ruiguang, Ruizhi, Huqiu, Dongxin, Huida Crown ink, Penghui Fenghua, Guangming, epson/poly, Suntech, Sinovel Jingyi, etc.; the well-known exhibitors of "2012 China International label Exhibition" include: Shanghai Sun, Japan lindco, Japan sanki, Canada Yidi ETI, American Eli, fenolantai, Haotian, founder, Epson, Zhongtian, which can stretch to 50 times the normal size, Shang'an, Taihang, Wanjie, Naiben, Weigang, Wanhong, Hexiang, Zhaolong, Zhongqi Lingyunguangshi, Zhongshan Fuzhou, biele, Faxin Zhongxin, xintumei, Kurz, terabo, Xinshan Yupo, American yaonengliang, Baochi Chunlei, Isla, Santai, etc

during the same period, green printing became the focus of the whole audience

the 19th South China International Printing Exhibition and 2012 China International label exhibition closely followed the market development trend and integrated green forces. The organizers joined forces with industry associations and mainstream media in the industry to hold a series of high-quality seminars and concurrent activities. At that time, leaders of government departments, well-known suppliers and representatives of large enterprises will be invited to discuss the latest technologies and development trends of the industry. These include:

"green creative printing exhibition area"

co sponsored with Shenzhen printing society, bringing packaging and printing products, printing products, green printing technology and projects of all kinds of top 100 printing enterprises for on-site display. (located in hall 3.1)

"gravure boutique exhibition area"

co sponsored with the gravure branch of China Printing Technology Association. (located in hall 4.1)

"green printing seminar"

it is reported that the global engineering plastic market is booming

and the packaging and printing professional committee of Guangdong Packaging Industry Association jointly held a green printing seminar to lead the industry to the green printing world and participate in international competition. (held in Baiyun conference room in zone a of the exhibition hall)

"label printing on the digital fast track"

co sponsored with Huicong printing, 150 business owners, industry media, government leaders and other leaders of the label printing industry at home and abroad will be invited to participate to jointly discuss the new direction and technology of label printing. (held in conference room 2, zone B of the exhibition hall)

co sponsored with Guangzhou publishing and printing industry association, more than 100 printing enterprises came to seek the development prospects of the printing industry in Guangdong Province

the annual South China International Printing Exhibition is jointly organized by Guangdong Publishing Bureau, China Foreign Trade Center (Group), Guangdong publishing group and Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. with the guidance of government departments for many years, the full support of various units and professional media, and the high-quality services provided by professional exhibition organizations, the exhibition has always shouldered the mission of promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's printing industry, focusing on exhibitors and visitors, Persevere in following the development needs of continuous improvement due to the possible loss of test plans and data after reinstallation

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