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How wonderful if house prices fall to the bottom like the stock market! Unfortunately, house prices are still rising

how wonderful it would be if house prices fell to the bottom like the stock market! Unfortunately, house prices are still rising! Suffering from the lack of money, I can only buy small houses. The house was finally handed in, and I was very excited when I got it. However, the trouble followed, and the land was so small. How can I effectively use the space? Don't worry, let Apple noble wardrobe help you

magic weapon 1: clarify the decoration style

the bedroom is very small, so the design strives to be concise and avoid clutter. It is necessary to make this bedroom easy to clean and tidy, and at the same time, it should also meet the current taste of keeping pace with the times

magic weapon 2: choose furniture

undoubtedly, the most important furniture in the bedroom should be the bed, but the position of the wardrobe is also very important. You can choose a group of practical combined wardrobe, with two clothes links, which can hang multiple suits, skirts or coats, wrinkle proof, easy to choose, clean and tidy; Folding clothes can be stored in the middle of the laminate, private personal items can be stored in the three drawers, and infrequent luggage, quilts and other items can be placed in the infrequent area above. An integrated wardrobe into the wall can meet your personalized needs, make full use of space and save occupied area. The cabinet door with the overall white soft bag and the beautiful plant board waist line have become the highlights, bringing a touch of literary and artistic atmosphere to the whole bedroom space

Magic Weapon 3: determine the placement of furniture

the bed is the activity center of the bedroom. The common sense is to place it in the middle of the bedroom, so as to make the road to the bed as smooth as possible and make it the most convenient place to reach. Two small bedside tables of the same color as the wardrobe are placed on both sides of the bed. You can put a small lamp or oneortwo small books on them to cultivate your body and mind before going to bed and fall asleep safely. The whole wardrobe is placed on the same side of the entry door, which is convenient for changing clothes in the room and going to work at any time. It is more convenient and comfortable to use. The TV cabinet is placed directly opposite the bed. In spare time, the host can lie comfortably on the bed and enjoy a wonderful program

in general, furniture should be placed in harmony, and try to make people feel that all items are placed orderly and tidy, so as to achieve the best layout effect

Magic Weapon 4: material, color and style

nowadays, with the increasing development of urbanization, the owners of residential apartments will often be affected by the noise of streets, the noise of neighbors, etc., so we must pay attention to when choosing wallpapers and curtains. For you to have better rest and sleep effect, you can choose wallpaper with cold tone pattern to decorate the wall, because it not only plays a decorative role, but also establishes an independent bedroom space, and gives people a psychological hint of sleep. It can really kill many birds with one stone

in order to make the bed and TV cabinet look more harmonious, a carpet can be selected and placed in the middle of them. The geometric composition design of the carpet is quite suitable for the atmosphere of the room, and the soft material makes the modern style of the room not too stiff. The small room must not be covered with carpets with patterns, and a small carpet in the middle of the light colored ground or beside the bed will make the ground look spacious without losing vitality

magic weapon 5: choose other decorations

in order to keep the style of the bedroom clean, the minimum decorations are reserved. Just put a desk lamp on each bedside table and let the light shine on the wall, which can make the whole bedroom get a soft halo effect. Then decorate the wall with photos of twoorthree Zhangjia people, and the whole room will be very warm

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