Every woman has this bad smell of Papi sauce

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What is Papi sauce “ Smelly problem ”? Too red? NO! How can this be called a problem? Or does every woman have it? What is that? It's definitely not aunt d ~ Xiaobian can't make up aunt's physiological and health soft articles blatantly, and he's not a biology teacher (?) Haha ~

so, what is the common disease of women? Must be &mdash& mdash;& ldquo; Stroll &rdquo& ldquo; Buy buy ” Ah! The highest level is that even going out to the vegetable market has its own clothing style. The most important thing is that the plan of just buying a spring onion finally turns into moving back to the whole vegetable market. So shopping in furniture stores and moving back to the whole store is actually no big deal, right

one Sunday morning, Xiaobian suddenly woke up from a dream and pushed Lao Guo beside him: “ Let's go to the furniture store. Haven't you always wanted a small cabinet that can be pushed and pulled& rdquo; Lao Guo was sleepy. After reacting, he looked back in surprise. Without saying a word, he immediately jumped up from the bed, put on his vest and shorts and was about to run out. Now, I've known you for decades (?!) No, I never knew Lao Guo's bouncing ability was so strong ~

cough ~ turn to the right &mdash& mdash; What happened? Hehe Da ~ Xiaobian, who has always been too lazy to go shopping, spent a whole day in the furniture store for the small cabinet that Lao Guo wanted? Well, don't be funny

whether shopping malls, supermarkets or furniture stores, they like to put special offers at the door of the store. Therefore, Xiaobian, who has not fully entered the site, has prepared a cart. Just standing in the special offer area, there is an hour



reference price: 9.90 yuan

what? Don't buy or people? What can 10 yuan do? Meat buns are 1.50 yuan each. Are there at least 5 yuan for steamed buns that are a little high-end and high-grade? It's only 10 yuan to buy a cup. If you don't have cheap hands, it will take at least ten or twenty years to use this texture. Maybe it can become a family heirloom? Well, which is better? Grey? short? Fat? Tangle ing&hellip& hellip; Then ten minutes passed



reference price: 2.56 yuan

cups must have a coaster that makes the table pop. It's OK to put something tender occasionally (?) After all, Xiaobian is so young. Can having a girlish heart slow down aging? Which is better? Pink, it's better with Xiaobian



reference price: 29.40

the most romantic thing that Xiaobian can think of is that when Lao Guo has white hair, he brings a pot of tofu but deceives him that it is steak, and he will eat it happily



reference price: 9.90

whether it's fried tofu or fried steak, a flat non stick pot must be available! Looking at the price on the price tag, Xiaobian once suspected that he was lucky to be old and presbyopia in advance. After repeated confirmation, he had to buy a pair! It won't break if you put it on it ~ isn't it



reference price: 17.50

seeing this, I suddenly remembered that there was a “ The most beautiful desk ” Yes, as a senior editor in the home decoration industry, how can we not have the foundation of soft decoration matching? It's so funny, isn't it? Well, it's so cheap that you can just throw away the ugly and low file basket when you buy it back



reference price: 5.00/piece

always think that the background wall of the sofa at home is too monotonous, and it doesn't match the red fabric sofa made of small woven bags. Therefore, a steamed bun with a slightly higher price can buy a picture frame ~ come on! After two hours, a shopping cart has been filled with all kinds of groceries. Then, old Guo Xinxin has been thinking about for a long time and has not bought the portable cabinet, but he still accompanied a smiling face and pushed the station aside: “ Buy, buy, good, cheap, cheap &hellip& hellip;& rdquo; So, women “ Smelly problem ”, There must be a man who is used to her faults behind her. Blame the woman? (all pictures in this article are from the Internet)

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