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IgE aluminum wooden doors are committed to research and development and design, and continue to move forward on the road of innovation. IgE launched its first exhibition in 2019, with a heavy launch of IgE germgate series

IgE aluminum wooden door

is committed to R & D and design

constantly moving forward on the road of innovation

constantly absorbing and integrating scientific and Technological Development

IgE's first exhibition in 2019

heavily launched IgE germgate series

Theme poster

what is germgate

important technology of germgate

comes from the application of silver ions

silver ion technology

the most effective and safe antibacterial technology recognized in the world The silver ion comes from the silver element. The silver ion can adsorb the important protease in the micro organism and inactivate it, Cause microbial death

in the expected service life of the product

can continuously and effectively reduce microbial growth

help reduce cross infection

prevent odor and stains

extend the service life of the product and other advantages

by combining the use of

American anti Beite bacteria plate and Ya Jie bacteria hardware

make the antibacterial rate reach 99%

Formica bacteria plate has passed the strict international standard test

can effectively offset Anti multiple microorganisms

suitable for all kinds of environments

keep the product surface more sanitary in the two cleaning rooms, and resist infection

Yajie hardware

unique ultra-fine antibacterial silver ion coating

has been tested by authority, The antibacterial rate of elegant antibacterial products against Escherichia coli

Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 99%

IgE organically combines the advantages of the two

provides another layer of health shield for home protection

implements IgE's concept of ecological simplicity and beauty

IgE also continues to develop better products, and looks forward to meeting you





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