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The three principles for the purchase of children's rooms are: functionality, environmental protection, safety and aesthetics

children's room is an important space to accompany children's growth and cultivate optimism and curiosity. How to reasonably plan children's space to meet their daily living, learning and entertainment needs has become a headache for many parents. Today, xiaoka will give you tips ~

the three principles of choosing children's room are: functionality, environmental protection, safety and aesthetics

powerful multi-function. No matter how many things you store, there is no trouble.

if you consider that as long as one child, you can choose the combination of 1.8m bed with bookcase and desk, which can not only save space, but also put books and toys in order to meet the multi-functional needs of one room, and the whole children's room is simple, lively and not messy

for small families or families with two children, it is a good choice to choose the conventional bed combination, so that children can have an independent sleep space. At the same time, getting on and off the bed can save space to the greatest extent, free up more space to place the wardrobe or desk, and the room layout is not cramped

give children a safe and environmentally friendly space

of course, the most important thing in the design of children's room is to determine its safety and environmental protection. In terms of materials, you can choose solid wood furniture or environmental friendly customized furniture, and pay attention to the use safety of furniture, such as setting safety guardrails, anti-collision arc corner edge design, etc

cultivate children's imagination and curiosity

color plays a very important role in children. Children's rooms generally choose yellow, green and blue colors, which symbolize innocence and simplicity. It is also the color of the most common flowers and plants in nature. It is a color derived from nature, which can better cultivate children's sunny character

in terms of collocation, it is recommended to choose a complete set of bedroom series with unified color and style, and use the decoration style with childlike elements, which can not only add interest, but also cultivate children's imagination

a well decorated children's room can help children form a good habit of loving learning, cherishing their family and having a regular routine. If you are also a parent who is full of love and hope for your children, take action immediately





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