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nowadays, people live in fast-paced cities, and pollution is inevitable. For example, noise pollution, especially for people living in downtown areas, can be said to have a serious impact on their lives. At present, there are many sound insulation equipment at home, such as sound insulation glass and sound insulation doors. Many people may not know that there are sound proof doors. This effect is very good, so how to choose if you buy it

1. Window frame

developers generally use aluminum alloy, but aluminum alloy is a single cavity with relatively thin wall, and the sound is easy to penetrate, while the multi cavity of plastic steel profile has thicker wall than aluminum alloy, and the sound is not easy to penetrate

2. Soundproof strips

most developers choose aluminum alloy window frames with rubber soundproof strips or wool soundproof strips, but wool soundproof strips are easy to depilate after a long time of use. After a long time of use, the rubber hardens and ages after exposure to wind, sun and rain, so soundproof strips should not only prevent aging, but also maintain toughness. At present, there is an imported sound insulation strip on the market, which is wrapped with leather materials on the outside and sound-absorbing cotton on the inside, so as to maintain toughness and not easy to aging, which well ensures the sealing of the sound leakage point of the window frame

3、 Most important "soundproof glass "

now in the market, there are mainly insulating glass, laminated glass, and vacuum glass. The first two kinds of prices range from more than 100 to more than 7, 801, 000. I won't say more about one or two hundred glasses. They are all street stalls, and the sound insulation effect is not guaranteed. Companies specializing in sound insulation doors and windows are mostly laminated glass and insulating glass. This kind of glass effect is OK, but it can deal with the low-frequency noise produced by big cars or fast cars The sound effect is not ideal

vacuum glass uses the principle that vacuum cannot transmit sound, and can reduce noise by 30-40 dB after installation. Hollow glass or laminated glass can be considered for those with high floors, such as more than 20 floors and no trains nearby, large trailers, etc; If the floor is low and close to the road or viaduct and there are low-frequency noise sources nearby, vacuum glass should be considered to completely solve the noise problem

4. Sealing of the surrounding frame after installation

when making a sound proof window, there will be some small gaps around the window frame, so be sure to stick around the window with glass glue after installation. The sealing around seems simple, but you still need to find a professional master to do it to make it perfect

of course, when choosing sound proof doors and windows, we must pay attention to small skills. For example, it is best to use some wooden furniture, which generally has a certain sound-absorbing function; Lay some carpets indoors, especially thick carpets, which have strong sound absorption effect; A rubber pad can be placed at the foot of the bed to reduce the resonance caused by passing vehicles, which is also a good method of sound insulation; Place the cabinet on the wall facing the noise source, so that the noise generated by the resonance of the wall will pass through the cabinet when entering the room


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