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After more than two months of intense construction, my new house was finally decorated

after more than two months of intense construction, my new house was finally decorated. With the joy of moving in soon, some imperfections are slowly emerging

before decoration, we should take into account that the area of the house is a little small, and consider the needs of collection in the future, we should make more cabinets, so that things that are not commonly used at home can be hidden in the cabinet, and the living room and bedroom will appear spacious and tidy. But things tend to be two-sided, taking care of this end, but ignoring the effect after completion. After all the woodwork was done, we found that there were too many cabinets in the master bedroom. Because the room was only 11 square meters, and a row of "L-shaped" indomitable cabinets were directly made next to the window, people felt a little abrupt when they stood in the window. The best design should be to make the vertical row near the window into an empty fan-shaped shelf. In this way, you can use space without feeling very depressed

when we bought the table panel, we only considered that marble is radioactive and harmful to human health, so we resolutely rejected marble and chose fire-proof density board as the table panel of my kitchen. Considering that white color is not easy to clean, we chose a dark gray. But I forgot that our cupboard door was dark blue. When the two dark colors were put together, it was obviously suspected of a collision. When I entered the kitchen, it looked dark on the whole, without the sense of contrast

what's more regrettable is that in order to save time and money, we willingly handed over the money to the painter to contract labor and materials under the persuasion of the painter. Before that, we always heard that when someone was making paint, the materials were taken by the painters in barrels. Although we were skeptical, we still had a long mind. This time, we specially asked the painters to buy the materials and show them to us first, especially the production date, trademark and paint composition. After confirmation, the construction can be started. However, in the last few days, we found that a complete group of unused floor paint was missing. We asked the painter, hesitated, and couldn't explain clearly. For a moment, he said that he had taken half a group of floor paint of the same brand from other places, and for a moment, he said that he didn't know what was going on. In short, the result is no evidence

I don't know how hard it is without decoration. I know there are still many regrets after decoration. I hope I can learn experience and lessons during the next decoration





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