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Why quality certification

at present, the operators who implement gb/t19000-iso9000 must use the family standard according to the process specification in the manual when using the mortar tensile testing machine, and carry out quality certification, which has become a hot topic in the economic and business circles. In fact, quality certification has a long history. It is the product of market economy. In 1903, the UK initiated the world's first certification mark used to comply with the standard, namely the famous "BS" mark or "kite mark", which has been used until now. Since quality certification is a fair and scientific quality system that is independent of the first party (Supplier) and the second party (purchaser) and provides authoritative certificates for the conformity of products through strict inspection and inspection, which conforms to the law of market economy and can bring direct economic benefits to both sides of trade, it was quickly accepted by the society. By the 1950s, Basically, it has been popularized in all industrialized countries, and has been popularized in developing countries since the 1970s. However, there is another tendency, that is, some countries use quality certification as a technical barrier to prevent other countries' goods from flowing into their own countries and implement trade protection. In order to eliminate such technical barriers to trade, international coordination has been made to make quality certification cross national borders and promote international mutual recognition of quality certification. Some people say that quality certification is the pass for commodities to enter the international market. Carrying out quality certification activities in an orderly manner in accordance with certain norms can reduce brand awareness, further expand re inspection and review, reduce costs, and become an effective means to promote trade. However, if not standardized, it will become a technical barrier to trade

certification is a major measure to implement the strategic policy of "winning by quality" in economic development. The following things we share with you after careful consideration. Recently, some economists predicted that this century is a productivity century and the next century will be a quality century. Many countries in the world have taken the development of high-tech and high-quality products as a strategic measure to compete for the international market. Our party and state leaders have always attached importance to product quality The experimental load should be symmetrically added to the center of the 2 leaf spring seat, which has made important instructions and inscriptions for the quality work. The central idea is that the product quality reflects the national quality, and the rejuvenation of the country by quality should be implemented as a national economic development strategy

certification is the foundation for creating famous brands, promoting corporate culture and quality culture. Famous brands are gradually formed on the basis of long-term and stable production of high-quality products. To achieve this, we must have both a "hardware" foundation and a "software" guarantee. The best way to improve "hardware" and "software" is to establish a quality management and quality assurance system in accordance with gb/t19000 family standards and carry out certification. As long as every employee generates and controls according to the quality system, the stable improvement of product quality can be guaranteed, and high benefits can be obtained, so that the enterprise can develop. Under the condition of market economy, famous brand is the most important and reliable way to turn high-quality products into high-efficiency products. In turn, creating famous brands has become the most important and reliable way to improve the quality system and produce high-quality products, and they complement each other. The enterprise has passed the inspection of the relevant national certification bodies, been granted the certification certificate and product certification mark, and announced in the newspapers and periodicals, which has improved the popularity of the enterprise, thus earning the reputation and creating a famous brand

it is an important manifestation of corporate culture and quality culture for an enterprise to obtain certification certificates and certification marks. Striving to obtain the certification mark and produce high-quality products is not only a material achievement, but also a spiritual product and the crystallization of corporate culture. Carrying out certification work is a manifestation of the enterprise's pursuit of progress and civilization, which reflects the enterprise image and national spirit. While providing consumers with material and cultural spiritual enjoyment, each employee can also realize their own ideals and beliefs. Therefore, it can stimulate the employees' sense of mission, dedication and self-improvement, enhance cohesion, and form a strong pillar of enterprise spirit. Therefore, carrying out certification and creating famous brands is the best carrier for the construction of enterprise culture and quality culture. (end)

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