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Why do more and more people enjoy building glass film? According to the survey of Suzhou building glass film company, China is currently the hardest hit area of high-energy "garbage buildings". At the same time, building glass, curtain walls, car windows, computer electricity, video screens, street signs, window counters and other places are the culprits of high-energy light consumption pollution

according to the analysis, since 30% of energy consumption can be saved, the living environment can be improved and daily life can be beautified after the thermal insulation and explosion-proof film is pasted on the glass,

more and more people begin to accept the thin high-tech product of thermal insulation and explosion-proof film. Mr. Li, who lives in Guangzhou, said that the heat insulation and explosion-proof film has been installed on his house glass and car glass, which has a very significant effect. It is not only very cool in midsummer, but also very fashionable and environmentally friendly, saving air conditioning costs

according to the survey, among the 762 respondents, these new products should be supplied according to the user's requirements according to the contract, which is bound to lead the future supply of the industry. 667 people think that it is necessary to apply film on building glass, accounting for 87% of the total. 53%, which shows that many consumers have a high degree of recognition and psychological acceptance of building glass film. At the same time, we also saw that 193 of the 762 respondents did not know about building glass film; Moreover, 464 people did not know the difference between architectural glass film and automobile glass film, and the two data reached

86 in total. 22%, which indicates that many consumers do not understand the architectural glass film

why do so many people who enter the customized software interface do not understand the architectural glass film, but think it is necessary to apply the film? Interviewed some of the consumers. According to the survey, the vast majority of consumers said that they didn't know the building glass film at the beginning, but after seeing the survey conducted by this newspaper, they conducted more searches and found that the original building glass film was very helpful to the energy conservation and safety of the building itself, so they thought it was very necessary

in this survey, in order to grasp the characteristics and performance of architectural glass film, we interviewed the agents of some brands. They told that the building glass film can be divided into three types: thermal insulation and explosion-proof film, indoor decoration film and bulletproof safety film. The anti explosion membrane has the following characteristics: leading, heat insulation, energy saving and electricity saving; Second

, safe and explosion-proof; Third, block ultraviolet rays, protect skin, and slow down the fading degree of indoor furniture; Fourth, it is clearly encouraged to use degradable and reusable environmental protection packaging materials to prevent glare and create a private space. The interior decoration

decorative film emphasizes the decoration, and consumers can choose different styles and colors according to their personal preferences. The main function of the bulletproof safety film is, of course, to prevent theft and robbery. However, in the survey, we found that many consumers do not care about the decorative nature of the film, and only 8

people choose beautiful single items. The number of people selected in the other functional descriptions is safety, thermal insulation, external protection and privacy

the above survey shows that consumers pay more attention to the functionality of the film, and have no high requirements for its decorative effect

some insiders believe that this is mainly because the product is still in the early stage of promotion, and people's understanding of the product is still very limited, so the choice is very random

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