Why should the hottest spring be tested

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Why should the spring be tested

the spring testing machine is a special instrument for testing the spring quality. The springs produced by the manufacturer need to undergo strict testing before they can be put into use. Why should the springs be tested? Kunshan Haida instrument will help you analyze in detail:

springs are generally used in machinery, mattresses and vehicles. If they have not been strictly tested and the regular protection inspection of the control system of sexual appliances fails to meet the specified parameters, serious consequences will be caused. For example, the quality of the spring used for shock absorber is not up to the standard. Once the vehicle makes its weight drop and the vehicle loses balance, it will cause traffic hazards

therefore, we can see how important the spring test is. The function of the spring testing machine is also reflected. Now the best spring testing machine on the market is imported from Japan. It adopts LED touch screen and full microcomputer operation. The length, force and spring coefficient of the spring can be measured. The program can be preset. Then the rest of the work will be simple. Just put the spring into the test disc. Press start to measure automatically. The written program can be stored in a microcomputer. When it is used, it will be transferred out of the cluster. The number of test spring segments can be set to 10 at most. Measurement time, length and strength of each section. Can be seen at a glance. The force can be tested by setting the length. Geon bio also has good thermal stability, and its length can be tested by force. It can be said that at present, there are all the parameters required by the spring. Various setting conditions can be directly input from the touch panel, and 100 product name items can be logged in. At the same time, during measurement, the picture can synchronously transmit the measured data and curve change diagram of the clutch automatically disengaged. There are general spring test types and spring length measurement according to the set load value, which can be measured in 10 sections. In addition, there are high-function spring testing machines with other functions

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