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Why should plastic bottles and bottle caps be separated when recycling?

many people cover plastic bottles when they are sent for recycling. This is usually inappropriate. This is not because the plastic used to make plastic bottle caps cannot be recycled - most types of plastic can be recycled. It is because the plastics used to make plastic bottle caps have successfully completed the temperature measurement, sampling and other work with high risk factors, and the plastics used to make bottle bodies are usually not of the same type. If the two types of plastics are recycled together, it is equivalent to letting one kind of plastics pollute the other, thus reducing its utilization value, or it takes manpower to separate the two in processing

another reason why bottle caps are not recycled is that when plastic bottles are processed in the recycling center, the bottle caps may jam the machine. In addition, bottle caps may threaten the safety of recycling workers. Most of the recycled plastic bottles must be flattened and packed before being transported away. If the lid of the plastic bottle is tightly covered and the bottle body is not cracked, the explosion may occur due to the expansion of the gas in the bottle when the temperature rises, causing injury to workers like today

therefore, it is a negative practice to remove and throw away the bottle cap before recycling the plastic bottle. Some recycling centers may also accept the recycling of bottle caps, but they should also open the bottle caps and bottle identities

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