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Why do you put management software in the cold?

enterprises often encounter difficulties when using management software because their own management system is not mature.

1997, hewenguang, who worked in the financial department of Foshan Yuantian bedding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuantian machinery), happily played with the company's only computer and accidentally downloaded a form. When making the financial statements, he pasted the table format. As a result, the boss of the company always praised the beauty of listing 129 key new materials in the table of contents. "I carefully told the whole story, but I didn't expect the boss to say, so I'll give them each a suit." Soon the company bought several new computers and hired someone to make a set of financial software

the smart boss has realized the potential of management software: it can become the second mentor of the company's boss. If one day, the company doesn't need to worry about anything that can be accurately measured by numbers. The bosses only need to personally control those areas that can't be explained by numbers, such as employee personality, new business market, etc., and the company will not be easily defeated

however, the current actual situation is that there are a variety of management methods and tools based on Digitalization in the market, such as budget management, six sigma, ERP, performance salary and other software systems. However, many enterprises have the phenomenon that the management software is idle or abandoned halfway, especially the ERP system bought with a lot of money is idle. So enterprise managers are asking how to use these software from the beginning

when I thought you couldn't use it

in 2001, a machinery manufacturing company with more than 200 people invested about 200000 yuan in the first phase of a set of purchase, sales and storage software, including the cost of buying more than 50 computers, servers, training workers, building local areas, etc. If this set of management software has been used now, plus the annual service fee, the company's total investment in it has exceeded one million yuan. If this software can keep normal operation, after three years of use, the management cost saved by it for the company can be offset by the cost of purchasing the software at the beginning. At the same time, it can also continue to save costs for the enterprise and bring additional benefits such as concept and reputation

it is because of this benefit that some enterprises manage software on the ground with great fanfare. However, it is puzzling that many enterprises stopped using the management software within two years. According to the analysis of AMT consulting partner Litong, in the management field, there is a saying of "three points for software, seven points for implementation, and 12 points for management" in real-time display test curve, which is used to describe the three factors that lead to idle management software: software quality, implementation team, and the role played by the enterprise's internal management foundation. Before that, liuguquan, a small and medium-sized enterprise management software expert who once worked for SAP, said: "any enterprise leader who wants to use management software should have a correct idea." In many cases contacted by software consultants, some enterprises only use software for the sake of software. It is like someone who sees others driving a car and buys a car with them. However, he never thought that others buy a car for the purpose of taking transportation. For his own transportation needs, taking the subway can completely solve them. According to Li Tong, in some conservative areas in the north, some enterprises have done quite well in their sales business, but the departments have discussed whether to buy a set of comprehensive management software for four years. It turns out that people have given too much hope to this software, and all departments expect it to solve all the problems, "in this way, even if the enterprise finally gets this management software, it will also have various problems because it 'fails' to live up to the expectations of the public."

Yangzhong City, located near Zhenjiang section of the Yangtze River, is one of the three "hometown of electrical appliances" in China. It is well known that Huapeng group, the leading enterprise here, has gone up ERP for three times. It is reported that this national enterprise group, which was born in a township, used it tools for management in the 1980s. First, it invited teachers from Nanjing universities to develop software (it was not called ERP at that time), and then it cooperated with a research institute and university to launch ERP for the second time. The year before last, the company cooperated with UFIDA software to launch ERP for the third time. That time, the implementation time was the shortest, and it has been successfully launched in 6 months

the reason for frequent system changes is that the efficient operation of the management software is based on the standardized management of the enterprise

Huapeng was born in a township enterprise. At that time, the company had no standardized operation experience, and it was difficult to ensure that he was as human as he was when he first started ERP. 6 Do not litter or sundries near the power pipeline as much as possible. Simon, President and CEO of SAP North Asia, once said bluntly: "Chinese enterprises are still a long way from establishing their ideal management ideology. For example, compared with multinational companies, Chinese local enterprises have a ratio of 1:10 in IT investment." By implication, when an enterprise encounters difficulties in using management software, it is often not because the enterprise's it structure is not mature, but because its own management system is not mature

more importantly, Huapeng's production is too personalized. The company should determine the specifications and accessories of the bus and bridge according to the height of the user's house. The needs of each user are different, and some product differences are even accurate to millimeters. Huapeng's non standardized production accounted for 90%. At that time, many manufacturers' management software systems could only calculate the bill of materials for standardized products. Domestic software manufacturers really should improve the software applicability

since the financial software module in the first system is fairly good, Huapeng has stopped other modules in the first system, but has always insisted on using the financial module in the system. Unexpectedly, when the ERP was launched for the second time, the second system was not connected with the original financial module, and the new system stopped in less than a year. "Although many management software systems have made great improvements in scalability, they are still not very flexible." Said Chenchao, a software consultant of Inspur soft

as for the process of installing the management software, hewenguang, the finance minister of Foshan Yuantian bedding Co., Ltd., will never forget his days when he hosted the ERP in the company, when he had a long talk with those employees who resolutely resisted the system, and sometimes fought for wisdom and courage. The wages of workers in the production workshop were originally calculated according to the working hours. The number of working hours assigned by the workshop supervisor to a person can be paid after these working hours are consumed. The level of wages has nothing to do with how many qualified products he has completed within the specified time, so some workers began to muddle along. However, after the management system was installed, the company wanted to implement the piece rate wage system. Several old workers used the excuse that the system was not working here or there, so they didn't need it. "At that time, the attitude of the company's leaders was very clear and resolute, but the leaders also had to consider the emotions of the old employees, so it was inconvenient to give rigid orders." In the face of this situation, hewenguang pretended that he didn't care much and racked his brains for countermeasures. A few days later, he announced that the company would still be paid according to the working hours in the short term, but the working hours could not be assigned to someone by the production supervisor. In the future, the working hours would be allocated uniformly by the ERP system according to the actual work efficiency of each pulling machine, and the workers' wages would also be received according to the working hours records in the ERP system. At the same time, a corresponding working hour reward and punishment system would be established. In this way, people with low work efficiency can no longer fish in troubled waters. Soon after, the management system implemented the piece rate wage system, and no one obstructed it. According to hewenguang, many enterprise management software system applications around Yuantian machinery can not be implemented. Many of them are because the enterprise has given up the way, or the enterprise has not found a project implementation leader who is familiar with the company's business, loyal to the boss, and has prestige and dare to undertake among the employees

small enterprises can't afford 100000 yuan

what does the cost of a set of management software mean to a small and medium-sized enterprise? Feike machinery (Fujian) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of foam machinery. The company has developed its own production and planning electronic system, pre foaming machine, raw material distribution management system and other software combinations, and wants to sell them to its upstream manufacturers in China. "Everyone knows that this thing is good." Zhengfei, the person in charge of the company, said. However, since the product was promoted at the end of the previous year, many questions have been asked. So far, none of the software has been sold. The reason is that the price war between upstream enterprises is too fierce. The profits of upstream enterprises are thinned. Without profits, they are reluctant to spend more than 100000 yuan to buy service software

when using management software, the most intuitive feeling of enterprise employees is that the company has bought more IT products, and employees have to fill in more forms. Especially when the enterprise first uses management software, employees even have to work overtime for one month. However, does the enterprise really want to give up the things it has spent a lot of money on? Once the enterprise is forced to give up finally, it will not only make trouble in the hearts of employees, but also eliminate their enthusiasm to use similar management software again; There will also be a sense of frustration at the decision-making level of the enterprise

more importantly, if another enterprise that also manages software is implemented well, its development potential and speed have exceeded that of the enterprise by two steps

so the experts gave two answers. In order to fundamentally solve the idle phenomenon of management software, enterprises must figure out what problems they expect it to solve before installing software, which is the top priority

after the software is installed, it is found that there is a mistake. At this time, the expert's advice is: use the part of the software that can be used first. For example, the enterprise originally expected this software to solve 10 problems, but the reality is that it can only solve 3 problems now, so use the part that can solve 3 problems. Suppose an enterprise does not use the management software, and the total annual internal loss is 200000 yuan. The enterprise spends 100000 yuan to buy a set of software. Although it is not easy to use, the part that can be used can still solve some problems. With its help, the enterprise can reduce the loss to 100000 yuan every year. In this way, it can save 300000 yuan for the enterprise to use it for three years. The investment of the enterprise in buying a full set of software in that year has been recovered, It will not be too late for enterprises to abandon it completely and install new software. (end)

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